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Duckwalk Chuck: Norwegian Hard Rockers Release Visualizer for Fired Up

Duckwalk Chuck: Norwegian Hard Rockers Release Visualizer for Fired Up

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Norwegian Hard Rockers Duckwalk Chuck has just released their new album Fired Up to celebrate their 20th band anniversary. The album was released on 17 September independently. Today the band released on their brand new YouTube channel the visualizer for the title track of the album Fired Up!

Duckwalk Chuck on the album:

“Fired Up” is probably the most diverse album we have ever done, without straying too far of the path that we have walked for the past 20 years. The tunes are more elaborate along with a production that is tighter and packs more of a punch. After 20 years of Rock N`Rolland working through this horrible pandemic; we figured it was about time to head into the studio and record a new album, to celebrate two decades of DWC, and bring some new material to the fans. Duckwalk Chuck is the type of band that you basically know what you are going to get with a new release; but we have also put a few surprises in there this time around, to make everything more exciting. And make no mistake about it; This album WILL kickstart any party!

The band continues:

“This album should come with a warning sticker! It packs THAT much of a punch! – the album is filled to the brim with great riffs, infectious grooves, solid vocals, and tunes that will sink in immediately! Absolutely nothing has been left to chance on this album–with an awesome production “Fired Up” delivers straight-up SOLID Rock N`Roll, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics!”

The album received amazing feedback so far from around the word:

“Classic rock riffs, rolling bass lines, four to the floor drums, and dirty raspy vocals give us exactly what we’d expect from a rock ‘n’ roll song” Heavy Magazine

“This hard-hitting band has been flying under the radar for far too long, despite its quality prior albums” Sleaze Roxx

DUCKWALK CHUCK definitely belongs to the type of band that you only discover even after many years of existence, and you seriously ask yourself....where have they been all this time?!” Hellfire Magazine


Arvid Thorsen - Vocal & Bass

Håkon Rønneberg - Guitar

Arild Rettore - Guitar

Tord Eiken - Drums


Duckwalk Chuck is a Norwegian band that plays hard, uncompromising rock`n`roll, where absolutely nothing is left to chance. Straight forward and in your face! Exactly as hard, gritty rock`n`roll should be delivered: With loads of attitude, well-crafted tunes, powerful riffs and great choruses that will embed in your brain instantly. The band was established back in 2001, the band consist of experienced players that have honed their craft and musicianship for decades in the genre of rock `n` roll.

Duckwalk Chuck - Fired Up Visulizer Video


1: All Fired Up (4:06)

2: It`s Only Rock `n`Roll (3:38)

3: Motor Madness (2:47)

4: Ghost Town (4:02)

5: Rosie`s (3:44)

6: Recless Driver (3:02)

7: Shut Your Lights (3:46)

8: I`m The Devil (3:45)

9: Criminal Man (2:53)

10: World On Fire (4:40)

11: Thirsty Dog (Bonus Track) (4:13)

Get the album on AppleMusic or Amazon.

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