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DUST BOLT - Reborn in 2020 - New Video and Tour!

DUST BOLT Reborn in 2020 - A Soundtrack for a Revolution Yet to Come! On European Tour with Unearth and Prong in February To Release New Single in February!

[Photo Credit: Daniel Strub,]

After the release of their critically acclaimed fourth album, Trapped In Chaos, released in 2019 via Napalm Records, German collective DUST BOLT enters the 21st century by embracing their creative energy while considerably re-directing the musical course they have taken on their previous releases. In the first weeks of the new year, the band promises an equally challenging as captivating outbreak of fresh and technical slant towards the genre DUST BOLT already established itself in as one of the most promising thrash acts.

Teamed up with a new member DUST BOLT approaches the breaking point and is ready to broaden their artistic horizons, as well as explore territories often left untouched by other metal groups. Dubbed by the band as “The New Beginning”, these changes will include multiple surprises that DUST BOLT will prepare for their fans in the upcoming few months. This, plus the band’s diversity, will truly blow both fans and new listeners away – final proof of the band’s skills and determination!

This revolution now unfolds in front of our eyes with the brand-new video for “Trapped in Chaos”, recorded at their blasting show at Summer Breeze 2019. A perfect representation of all the qualities characterizing the music of the German group, the song, together with the accompanying video, summarizes the complete chapter of DUST BOLT’s history, with charismatic vocals and merciless guitar riffs slaying persistently through impressive guitar solos.

Watch the new video HERE

No one knows what a new year will hold – but you can be sure this new year will belong to DUST BOLT!

As a part of this major decade-transformation, the band will join Unearth and Prong on their upcoming European tour, kicking off mid-February. The band is ready to impress audiences with another special gift, prepared specifically with upcoming live dates in mind. The new single, “Chaos Possession”, will be released on February 23rd - stay tuned!

The band comments: "We are excited to hit the road with UNEARTH and PRONG early next year! We can´t wait to come back to places in Europe we haven´t been in a while. 2020 marks a new era for the Bolt - and all we can tell is, that YOU are definitely NOT prepared! We will deliver Riffs, Grooves and Heavy Metal Action as you have never seen it before - that we promise. The new generation is ready and alive. Help us set these places on fire and meet us at the shows! In the meantime, enjoy our show from Summer Breeze Festival 2019 and BANG YOUR HEAD"

Catch DUST BOLT on tour: w/ Unearth, Prong 14.02.20 NL - Eindhoven / Dynamo 15.02.20 UK - London / Ulu  16.02.02 BE - Hasselt / Muziekodroom 17.02.20 DE - Nuremberg / Hirsch 18.02.20 DE - Munich / Backstage 19.02.20 HU - Budapest / A38 20.02.20 CZ - Ostrava / Barak 21.02.20 AT - Vienna / Arena 22.02.20 IT - Milano / Legend Club 23.02.20 CH - Aarau / Kiff 24.02.20 DE - Saarbrucken / Garage 25.02.20 DE - Braunschweig / Kufa 26.02.20 DE - Oberhausen / Kulttempel 27.02.20 DE - Hamburg / Bahnhof Pauli 28.02.20 DE - Berlin / SO36 29.02.20 DE - Chemnitz / AJZ Tahlshok

11.04.20 DE- Easter Cross Festival 29.05.20 DE - Open Air am Berg 13.06.20 DE - M.I.S.E. Open Air 24.07.20 DE - Nord Open Air More dates to be announced!

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