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Dust Prophet / Conduit - Split 2-track - Sleeping Village Records (Stoner Doom Metal)

Dust Prophet / Conduit - "Sleepy Village Records Split" (Stoner Rock / Doom Metal)

SLEEPING VILLAGE RECORDS is pleased to announce the first entry in a series of 2-track splits! Dust Prophet and Conduit, two bands spawned from the wildlands of New Hampshire, are here to lead the charge with a pair of unreleased singles.

Both tracks presented herein-- Dust Prophet ’s "Down Below" and Conduit ’s "Constable"--walk a delicate line between the bounds of genre categorization, successfully incorporating elements of stoner, progressive, and alternative metal...albeit in demonstrably unique fashions. Dust Prophet leans into hefty hook-ladden riffage, whereas Conduit opts for a Tool -esque slow burn through progressive pastures. But at the end of the day, a certain unity defines this split: both a strong knack for immersive storytelling and intriguing songwriting. Each track constitutes its own adventure, and we hope you consider them time well spent.

Dust Prophet / Conduit - Split will be released digitally and available for NYOP on November 20th, with a pre-order going live on November 6th for $1. All proceeds from this project will be split evenly between the bands and the label, with any of the Sleeping Village’s cut going to fund a physical release including this and forthcoming 2-track splits.

Follow the band at these links:

Dust Prophet Links:

Conduit Links:

Sleeping Village Links:

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