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ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA Reveals Sopranos-Inspired New Single, “Run Runaway”

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA Reveals Sopranos-Inspired New Single, “Run Runaway”

Full-Length Debut, Songs from the Watershed, Set for Release on September 25

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA has revealed the Sopranos-inspired second single, “Run Runaway,” from the upcoming album, Tales from the Watershed.

“Being a huge ‘Sopranos’ fan, it just felt right to base the song on the subplot story of Jackie Aprile Jr., who in his ambition thought it would be a good idea to hold up a high stakes card game,” explains producer, songwriter and band spokesman Dean Carls. “If you know the story, then you know it didn't turn out well.”

“Run Runaway” is available via all major digital music providers at

With a sound best described at Tom Waits meets The Beatles, ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA similarly aims to tell rich stories with strong storylines. “‘Run Runaway’ was the first song written and recorded for this album and set the tone for the rest of the ‘Tales from the Watershed,’” Carls says. “I wanted to be true to the album title and make each song a tale of its own. Some of the inspiration I drew from Johnny Cash's songwriting because when you're done listening to a Johnny Cash song, you know what the story of the song was about.”

For “Run, Runaway,” Carls started with the chorus, then built upon the story. “I had to decide who was the runaway and what were they running from,” he says. “I thought about someone who pulled a botched robbery attempt and the Jackie Jr. story came to mind. Generally, I don't have any preconceived notions of what the song is going to be about beforehand. I start writing the music and try to let the music tell me what the song is be about.”

The first single from Tales from the Watershed, “Rosabelle Believe,” was based on famed illusionist Harry Houdini's promise to his wife Bess that he would communicate with her from beyond after his death using the words “Rosabelle, believe.” The single was released in June.

Tales from the Watershed is set for release on September 25. Pre-orders for digital and physical copies of are available at Review copies are available.

ECORSE CREEK ORCHESTRA released their debut EP, Get Your Voodoo On, also available via all major digital music providers in March of this year.


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