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Emily Lazar (September Mourning) Continues to Break Ground in NFT World with SEPTEMBERS MONSTERS!

Emily Lazar (SEPTEMBER MOURNING) Continues to Break Ground in NFT World with SEPTEMBER MONSTERS!

Unique Live Experiences & Exclusive Musical Content!

Emily Lazar of SEPTEMBER MOURNING--following her hugely successful foray as the first female rock/metal front person to create and sell a music and animation NFT on March 5, 2021--continues to forge new paths into the growing NFT world for musicians and bands to create unique fan opportunities that include collectible art as well as live performance experiences and music content.

The enigmatic transmedia artist and front-woman's next adventure features the fearless warrior alongside the already beloved Monsters Rehab world from NFT Media Box (NMB) in the new world of SEPTEMBER'S MONSTERS. Setting the tone for future multi-artistic projects, fans won't just be buying art but becoming a member of a community that includes ongoing fan and collector opportunities with the investment, as collectors will receive the otherwise unavailable new track, "Dirty," with the incredibly detailed new adventure in the Monsters Rehab universe.

NMB creates entertainment media driven NFTs, while providing our outstanding community opportunities to take part in a decentralized entertainment experience. Our NFT collections will provide long term use and incentives for our NFT holders in the following spaces: Film/TV, Video Games, Music, Novels/Comics and Sports. See more through the website

The Story of September's Monsters:

September Mourning is a human-reaper hybrid, who feels the need to give good human souls a second chance at life, sparking an epic battle between the living and the dead.

Fate, the world's creator and ruler of Mortem (the land of the dead), has sent it's reapers after September to stop her. Stitch is one of those reapers. He is also the master of space and time, which he uses to fight her by fragmenting the existing timeline into 6000 separate timelines... each with it's own unique looking September. September wakes up in each timeline within the Monster Rehab with the monsters looking down at her, angry and hungry for her soul. Fate has taken all of theirs and told them to destroy her.

Will September be able to save the souls of the monsters and repair the timeline before it's too late?

The Details

SEPTEMBER'S MONSTERS is a collaboration between The Monster Rehab and September Mourning. These worlds combine in a 6000 piece NFT drop. The drop itself is historical as it is not only the first female metal/ rock musician to drop a generative NFT project but it is cross-chain which means it is available half on the Ethereum Network and half on the Binance network. September Monsters is also using their NFT platform to distribute new music from the band. The holders of this NFT will be the only ones to download the new single "Dirty" from the band as it will be exclusively available through this NFT for the time being.

"I want to show independent musicians that you don't have to rely on third parties to be seen, heard or make money in the music space. You can use this new technology to fuel your fanbase and connect directly to them."

Alongside the music, storyline and art, with each NFT being unique and not duplicated across the different blockchains, is other utility including access to the Monster's Rehab Metaverse, gaming, IRL merch discounts, future music releases, a download of the September Mourning graphic novel, and more.

"This is your membership into the world of September Mourning and September's Monsters!"

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