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Empyre - Relentless

Lace those chucks up, throw on a flannel, and hop on a plane all the way across the pond to jolly old England for some grunge and sludge. Empyre just released their new album "Relentless" on March 31st, and it is an ambient, delightful dark sound you should check out. Each song lingers like something is crouching in the background, and every time you try and check, you miss it just by a second. Imagine each piece like a hallowed tone of guitar surrounding you. You step into the vehicle with the pounding of tom and bass drums blasting to the beat of your heart as the vehicle takes you up and up, inching you closer to a drop-off where your heart doesn't know where it will go.

The lead singer's voice sounds as if David Drainman mixed with a subtle hint of honey. Their mature instrumentals incorporate technical solos and riffs that make you feel like you are falling into the atmosphere. They put you in a surrounding shroud of dusk that envelopes every crevice of your soul. Howling vocals and liquid guitar riffs make these Soundgarden and Muse fanboys a top-shelf act. Their track "Hit and Run" is a lighter, more upbeat song than the usual dark catalog, but it has this sincerity to it, this evil truth of a melancholy mind feeling his memories become bittersweet. Those memories slip and fall in the cracks, and you can't look back, so you might as well move forward and run as fast as you can. The depth and heart in each track pulls that little heart they play and makes it bleed all over the amps and drum kit and flood the room until everything is covered. "Relentless" is a familiar sound, but it will let you fall into that syncopated hallowed hole for a new twist on an old classic.

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