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“Escape” With Proggers LUFEH's New Music Video

“Escape” With Proggers LUFEH's New Music Video New Album “Luggage Falling Down” Out Now!

Gera Penna– Keys, Duca Tambasco – Bass, Dennis Atlas – Vocals, Teo Dornellas – Guitar, Lufeh Batera – Drums Los Angeles based progressive metallers Lufeh (a band of both Brazilian and American musicians) creates an enjoyable experience, meandering through jazz styles, heavy metal foundations, and rhythmic Brazilian influences. The mind expanded sonic journey is something new and interesting to listen to on the band's debut album “Luggage Falling Down” released this past April. The album was a trying, yet successful first recording for these recently banded musicians who lived together for two weeks throughout the process. Having lost the original singer a month before recording began, the intrepid bunch found hope with Dennis Atlas who fell in step with the rest of the band immediately. This bond between the members can be seen in their series of videos that the band has been releasing in support of the full length. Today, Lufeh shares their next video that showcases their high energy and knack for performing with the track “Escape”, which can be seen on YouTube HERE. The band explains the song: "Escape deals with the faith it takes to move out of a stagnant or unhealthy situation while still holding true to the values you identify with. In true 'Luggage Falling Down' fashion, this heavy subject is faced fearlessly and authentically with a groovy, upbeat charisma." For fans of Dream Theater, Incubus, and Haken, Lufeh is smooth and rhythmic progressive metal; heavy chords followed by light melodies and the occasional crazy guitar solo. Their debut full length “Luggage Falling Down” is available for stream and download on BandcampSpotifyApple Music. Previous Videos:

'My World' here.

'The Unknown' here.

'Find My Way' here.

'The Edge' here.

Track Listing: 1. Find My Way (4:25) 2. The Unknown (3:36) 3. Doors (4:06) 4. Trial of Escapade (4:24) 5. My World (4:52) 6. End of The Road (4:05) 7. Escape (4:03) 8. The Edge (4:04) Album Length: 33:39

Album Credits: All songs performed by: Gera Penna – Keys; Duca Tambasco – Bass Dennis Atlas – Vocals Teo Dornellas – Guitar Lufeh Batera - Drums   All songs lyrics written by: Josh Kim Produced by: Gera Penna Mixed by: Adair Daumfebach Mastered by: Adair Daumfebach Album Artwork by: Gera Penna Album and Live Band Line Up: Gera Penna – Keys; Duca Tambasco – Bass Dennis Atlas – Vocals Teo Dornellas – Guitar Lufeh Batera - Drums For more info:

EPK About: Lufeh is a musical collaboration of excellent Brazilian and American musicians brought together by drummer Batera Lufeh. Lufeh himself has had a successful career performing with many famous Brazilian bands and artists, including one of the most well known Christian rock bands of its style, Oficina G3, among others. In 2008, he recorded his first solo album “Drummed On Classics”, which uniquely combined a mix of classical pieces with progressive rock drumming.

Since moving to the U.S. in 2014, Lufeh has continued his career as a musician, starting in Florida, where he performed with Kristo Reggae and Big Pine Band. Lufeh participated in the Blue Man Group Drum-Off in 2016, where he was awarded the privilege to take part in its grand finale in Las Vegas, and chosen as one of the top five drummers in the contest. He then moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he became the official drummer of Kenny Shipman.

Now, in 2020, Lufeh is an entire unit moving forward with the addition of Gera Penna (keyboard); Duca Tambasco (bass); Dennis Atlas (vocals);  and Teo Dornellas (guitar) who have proven to be a great match. The band recently released the highly-anticipated second album “Luggage Falling Down”, a solid record of Brazilian influenced groovy progressive metal, which has received great praise from reviewers, calling it a mix between Brazilian music, Rush, and Dream Theater.

The album is both melodic and highly energetic and aggressive. With a strong foundation in jazz and classical musicality, the band brings a metal edge to a unique melodic story. These progressive metal warriors have become tycoons of song structure and, throughout the album, display highly refined expertise in making music that is captivating to listen to, addictively technical, and uplifting.

“Luggage Falling Down” was released on April 17, 2020 and is available on all major digital platforms.

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