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EverGlaze New Single/Video "Feels" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves


EverGlaze has released their latest single/video "Feels" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. Their alt-rock single "Shadows" was released early this summer in 2020. EverGlaze has created a sound that showcases the band's diverse music abilities. It is where all their music and cultural influences converge creating their own unique mix. EverGlaze's catalog of sounds is an experience of rock, alt rock, pop rock, reggae, Texas Rock, street, and life blend. Follow EverGlaze on all social media platforms.

"Have you ever been in a relationship and knew that you were just comfortable, but not really happy? Like you were just going through the motions and faking the feelings that used to be there to hopefully get them back again, but know they won’t? Well, this song is about taking that hard and painful next step. Being honest with yourself to just not fake it anymore and be free of that noise in the back of your head that comes with a feeling of guilt. Even though you could keep going on with that lie, you just won't because it's the best for not only you, but for your partner as well. There’s still love there, it just wouldn’t be right so you finally take that leap and it just feels so unexpectedly... GOOD." - EVERGLAZE

"neXtMAS" original Christmas song coming soon. Behind the scenes footage of the making of our album!


EverGlaze is a Houston based band formed by brothers Brandon and Robby Mesarina at the end of 2017. Although the band started out strong with live shows, they found one common obstacle: keeping a line up. They pushed forward from bandmate to bandmate and finally struck luck with their current members of the band. Influences by a variety of genres ranging from Spice Girls to Led Zeppelin, and from Eminem to Chon, they seek to break the mold of many boundaries set in their way. Now joined by Sam Gomez on lead guitar, Joe C on bass, and lead singer Indy, EverGlaze seeks to house themselves in souls of all music lovers and earn the support of not only their peers, but most importantly their fans and supporters they come across everywhere.

"Feels" Video Premiered in Sofa King Cool Magazine

Thank you's to those who may have influenced or worked with – Brian Baker from Sound Arts Studios, Travis Street from Dream to Stream Studio, Christelyn and Davon Nash, Mateo Mejia of Mateo Captures, Stella of Stella By Sarah, Dennis Sanders/Allyson Song River Jaynes/Tom Hooks from TLG Entertainment, Jay Roth from GTS, and Matthew Chevalier along with Shannon of Mikey Designs.

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