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Evolutionary Sleeper releases a fusion between post rock and hardcore in new single

Evolutionary Sleeper releases a fusion between post rock and hardcore in new single

A verifiable master of mischief, instrumental Metal mayhem, and savage melody – Evolutionary Sleeper is a one-man army of amplified awesomeness. Exploring the extremities of sound from atmospherically inspired ambience to the fired-up intensity of his professional guitar technique at maximum potential, Evolutionary Sleeper is breaking out of the UK & into the worldwide scene by holding absolutely nothing back. From punishing Hardcore riffs, to the stunning serenity of Post-Rock vibes – the powerful emotion & passion on display throughout Evolutionary Sleeper’s music is undeniable; and just as wildly addictive.

With his brand-new single “Where Wolves Once Roamed” officially released, Evolutionary Sleeper unleashed his extraordinary hybrid style upon the online realm, exploding into the spotlight with the full support of an absolutely wicked video instantly racking up thousands of hits daily.

Through the uncanny connection between the man & his music, Evolutionary Sleeper is generating sound with genuine substance – an authentic bridge across the expanse of music that links its most euphoric melodies directly to the mysterious nature of twisted Metal, exploring every opportunity in between. Ready to seize the momentum of his groundbreaking debut and surge into the years to follow, creating sensory experiences unlike any other – join Evolutionary Sleeper as he redefines the instrumental scene.

After introducing a punishing new fusion that expertly blurred the lines between melodic Post-Rock and the extreme intensities of Hardcore/Black Metal sound through a scorching pair of ferocious singles last year – “Where Wolves Once Roamed” & “The Sorrow We Have Sown” – the anonymous UK- based artist known as Evolutionary Sleeper returns to take his hybrid music further into the beyond with a scathing lineup of three tracks on the Labyrinthian EP this December 11, 2021. Only this time, he’s not alone.

“Where Wolves Once Roamed”:

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