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FACE THE FIRE Release Official Music Video for New Single "Remember What You’re Made Of" today!

"Remember What You’re Made Of" buy/stream links:

FACE THE FIRE released their new single "Remember What You're Made Of" to all major platforms on June 11th.

The official music video for "Remember What You're Made Of" can be seen here:

“Remember what you’re made of is about remembering your strength when you don’t think you have anything left to give” says Brandon Hammond, the band's lead vocalist.

To create Face the Fire, you must melt components from multiple genres. Start with the driving drums and bass from active rock, throw in the guitar riffs from metalcore/punk. Top it off with some vocalmelodies/screams from all of the above and put it in the urban blender that is Chicago, IL.

Brandon Hammond (vocals), Matt Balhan (lead guitar), Josh LeGrett (rhythm guitar), Kevin Maclean (bass) and Mike Kozlick (drums) came together in the summer of 2015. They started putting together some riffs, some melodies and some choruses. This evolved into an EP. But they needed something to tie it all together.

In stepped Jose Urquiza (3 Years Hollow) and Morgan Rose (Sevendust). The dynamic duo of production worked with Face the Fire and put together a killer debut album, Built to Burn in 2017. “Both of the guys worked together with us on songs from the album and it turned out to be an awesome, educational experience.” Says Brandon.

Educational indeed. So much so that the band wrote their latest release, “Remember What You’re Made Of” in their studio/practice spot in Mokena, IL and picked up Jordon Popp (Seven Day Sonnet) for some finishing touches and production. The song drops on June 11, 2021 and many have said it’s the band’s best work yet.

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