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Felons Releases Official Visualizer For "You End I"


"a darker side of (Felons)"New Noise Magazine

"offering plenty of multi-layered pleasure"

Felons has released the official visualizer for "You End I," his brooding, ambient new single that continues the singer-songwriter's cross-genre expansion into electronic and industrial rock.

Co-produced by Felons and frequent collaborator Plantcham, "You End I" is an ethereal excursion into the inner workings of the mind and how one observes their morbid fate.

"'You End I' is a reminder to myself that even when life as we know it ends, a new level will begin, and I will always be okay and ready to ride out," says Felons.

Forever embedded in the East Coast hardcore scene, Felons recently announced several limited-run merch drops with Shop NYHC and Madball. More info on future drops here.

RIYL: The Black Queen, ††† (Crosses), Nine Inch Nails, BANKS


Produced by Felons Mixed and mastered by Plantcham

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I'm alright

You're inside

A place to hide out to sleep the night out

And we'll be fine

We're passing time now

I'm here to ride out until we die out

I speak my mind now to kill their kind out

I'm here to ride out until we die out

It's you end i until we die now

We'll kill the lights out

We'll sleep tonight now

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