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FESTWORLD is Joining the CRYPTO REVOLUTION to Generate New Revenue Streams for INDIE FESTIVALS

FESTWORLD is committed to celebrating and archiving the music festival experience worldwide to preserve it for present and future music festival citizens for generations.

Who Are Music Festivals Citizen’s

All of the people, organizations and local city officials that make the music festival experience come alive are music festival citizens. It also includes festival fans, artists, fashion, food & beverage, transportation, hotels, artist managers, booking agents, festival producers, staff, volunteers, vendors, first-responders, sponsors, insurance providers, security, truck drivers, and more.

Why FESTWOLD is Committed?

Music festivals are “beacons of humanity” that encapsulate intrinsic value like no other experience of our time. The healing power of music, creativity, art, equality, family, diversity, community, education, self-expression, self-discovery, and self-healing fuels our global wide economy.

FESTWORLD Entertainment, Inc is proud to announce the summer issue of FESTWORLD VOL 2, Issue 1, and the first issue of 2021. It will launch on July 4, 2021 as the world’s first NFT magazine bundled with value-added NFTs from the music festivals, artists, and purpose-driven brands we feature. FESTWORLD Magazine is always filled with engaging editorial with music festival reviews, travel guides, artist interviews, festival producer interviews, festival fashion, and much more.

The world is being vaccinated at a record pace and the music festival experience is a priority across all generations. FESTWORLD is the only magazine that is 100% editorial focused on the music festival culture, lifestyle, and eco-system. Nielsen Music estimates that 23 percent of the U.S. population (75 million) attended a music festival in 2018. That is up from 18 percent in 2017 and is the biggest year-over-year growth of any kind of live music event as reported by USA Today on March 25, 2019. Globally, FESTWORLD estimates 250 million music fans attend at least four festivals per year.

FESTWORLD discovered a new use for NFTs in the publishing world. "NFTs is not only a certificate of authenticity or a Smart Contract that's important for collectors but for a magazine publisher, an NFT is also a Certificate of Distribution.

"Blockparty couldn’t be more proud to partner with FestWorld Magazine in their journey to create one of a kind NFTs for the music community. Their vision and enthusiasm is infectious and we’re honored that they are building their NFT business on the Blockparty platform" says Vladislav Ginzburg, Chief Executive Officer of Blockparty.

Our mission is not to make a quick million, but rather create a new revenue stream for the indie festivals, indie artists, as well as brands on a shoe-string budget that support a great cause.


FESTWORLD Magazine is the world’s first print magazine devoted exclusively to music festivals that launched on March 9, 2019. The quarterly magazine will feature engaging and informative content related to every aspect of music festival. It will be available exclusively at airports and music festivals across the globe. FESTWORLD is a diverse collective comprised of passionate music fans with a concentration on the music festival experience and sub-culture that come from all walks of life and from all corners of the world. Unlike a concert, you can go to a music festival and at the end of 2-3 days you can make 1-10 amazing friends that you will stay in touch with for years. We love to travel and meet great people. We are foodies and wine aficionados as well.

ABOUT Scotty Moore CEO-Founder

Scotty Moore, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of print and digital media advertising experience also founded FestPop, the first website dedicated to music festival discovery and a full-service travel booking platform. Moore grew up in Silicon Valley so innovation in his DNA. In 1985 he joined the U.S Army. After his military service In the 1990s, Moore worked for the family publishing business in ad sales and photography. In 2000 Moore was recruited by ad pepper media that launched his 10+ year digital media sales career. In 2011, Moore was recruited by Australian based streaming music service Guvera as the U.S. Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Moore followed his passion for music festivals and in 2013 launched FESTPOP, the first travel music festival discovery site. Since 2013 Moore has experienced, as media, 200+ Festivals at 20 States and 5 countries across different music genres and festival themes.

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