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FEUERSCHWANZ Release Music Video For "Das Elfte Gebot", Launch Album Pre-Order

FEUERSCHWANZ Release Music Video For"Das Elfte Gebot" + Launch Album Pre-Order HERE

German medieval rock masters FEUERSCHWANZ have released the official music video for the title track of the band's upcoming album, Das Elfte Gebot. Watch Das Elfte Gebot HERE! ""Das Elfte Gebot" is exactly what we've been singing about for the past 15 years. Valar Moghulis - all men must die. Whatever you may call it: at some point life will be over and all of us have to ask ourselves what we've done with the time that had been given to us. Ever since the passing of my mother, mortality is a constant passenger within my thoughts and emotions. This may result in ballads, songs that celebrate life - or angry metal. "Das Elfte Gebot" has it all", explains singer and winds player Hodi. Das Elfte Gebot is the successor of 2018's extremely successful album, Methämmer, (#6 in the official German album charts) and is scheduled for a June 26 release via Napalm Records.  Pre-Order Das Elfte Gebot HERE

The band recently released the live music video for the brand new single, „Metfest“ (Stream/Watch). „Metfest“ is that anthem that makes any party a real one! Super catchy medieval, yet rocky melodies, frenetic singalongs and an ode to friendship! A song to grab your best bud and a barrel of mead to and crank it up!  Das Elfte Gebot- Tracklist

01. Meister der Minne

02. Metfest

03. Das elfte Gebot

04. Kampfzwerg

05. Im Bauch des Wals

06. Mission Eskalation

07. Schildmaid

08. Malleus Maleficarum

09. Lords Of Powermet

10. Totentanz

11. Unter dem Drachenbanner Die Sieben Todsünden(bonus covers album) - Tracklist

01. Ding (Seed)

02. Hier kommt Alex (Die Toten Hosen)

03. Amen & Attack (Powerwolf)

04. I See Fire (Ed Sheeran)

05. Gott mit uns (Sabaton)

06. Limit (Deichkind)

07. Engel (Rammstein)

More info to follow soon...  FEUERSCHWANZ live 2020:

13.06.20 DE - Berlin / MPS

20.06.20 DE - Kranichfeld / Sternenklang Festival

26.06.20 DE - Brande-Hörnerkirchen / Hörnerfest

27.06.20 DE - Dischingen / Rock Am Härtsfeldsee

04.07.20 DE - Weil am Rhein / MPS

25.07.20 DE - Tuttlingen / Honbergsommer

31.07.20 DE - Cottbus / Elbenwald Festival

01.08.20 DE - Köln / MPS

08.08. - 09.08.20 DE - Hildesheim / M'era Luna Festival

21.08.20 DE - Schleswig / Baltic Open Air

06.09.20 DE - Losheim am See / Hexentanz Festival FEUERSCHWANZ are:

Hauptmann Feuerschwanz - vocals, guitars

Johanna von der Vögelweide - fiddle, hurdy gurdy

Sir Lanzeflott - drums

Jarne Hodinsson - bass

Prinz Hodenherz - pipes, guitars, vocals

Hans der Aufrechte - guitars More info:

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