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Final Coil explore new worlds with the release of the outstanding Somnambulant II


Over the last eighteen months the borders of everyone’s personal space have contracted, with the outside world becoming distant and untouchable, forbidden and unnerving territory. With the road out of reach Final Coil turned their gaze inward and began reflecting on their past music and the possibilities that lay within it, the different paths it could have taken, the different destinations that the creative process might have reached. They decided to follow those roads, stripping back a selection of songs to their fundamental essence and then rebuilding them in different forms. The experiment grew, flourished and blossomed into something remarkable...Somnambulant II.

Somnambulant II takes its name from Final Coil’s 2014 Somnambulant EP, a kindred spirit in terms of creative adventure. The pieces of music that you will find on Somnambulant II are not the same songs with slight tweaks, they are tracks rebuilt and redesigned, sculpted into fantastic new forms. Some of Final Coil’s finest songs have been reborn into alternative lives; the magnificent ‘Imaginary Trip’ from the acclaimed The World We Left Behind For Others album, the fierce ‘Corruption’ from the band’s explosive debut album, Persistence Of Memory...all old friends with new faces.

Somnambulant II will be released by WormHoleDeath on December 10th, a celebration of our return to the world and each other and a poignant memory of our time alone. In a time of captivity Final Coil have given birth to one of their most unrestrained releases; a dream of freedom.

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