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Finnish traditional heavy metal band Wishing Well announces new singer

Finnish traditional heavy metal band Wishing Well announces new singer

Finnish metal band Wishing Well announce that they have parted ways with vocalist Rafael Castillo. Chilean singer started in Wishing Well in 2017 and recorded two albums with the band, "Rat Race" (2018) and "Do Or Die" (2020), both on Inverse Records.

"Rafa is a true professional and it was a great pleasure to work with him both in the studio and on stage. His voice was a big part of Wishing Well's sound and he played a very important role in taking the band forward. We are forever grateful for his contributions and we wish him well.", says Anssi Korkiakoski, the guitar player and mastermind of Wishing Well. ”There’s no big drama behind the decision, Rafa is a great musician and songwriter in his own right, who wants to do his own thing and we respect and support that all the way."

Wishing Well will now continue with new vocalist Alex Alpua.

"Change is always a good chance to create something new and we all look forward to working with Alex, who has proved to be an excellent vocalist with impressive range and versatile sound. He gives us all a good kick in the ass with his fresh energy and positive attitude. Together with him we shall update our total sound a bit. We are now well underway in rehearsing new material for our fourth studio album that should come out some time in 2022”, says Anssi.

Wishing Well will play three shows this summer and more shows will be booked as soon as the pandemic restrictions are loosened in Finland.

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