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Fire Follows "Crimson Rose" Working with Kellen McGregor of Memphis Mayfire! WATCH!

Fire Follows Release Their Single/Video "CRIMSON ROSE"

Fire Follows Release "CRIMSON ROSE" a dynamically anthemic sound of a theatrical punch of piano, with the melodic nu-metal blend. Working closely with Kellen McrGregor of Memphis May Fire on mixing and Maor Appelbaum on mastering the full sound production is reminiscent of those metal rock days where the magic of metal struck a theatrical vortex! Rest assured listeners "Crimson Rose" is powerful and Fire Follows will continue to be a band to count on for only the most prodigious nu-metal rock.

'"Crimson Rose" is the newest rap/rock anthem from Fire Follows. Opening with a beautiful piano-only intro, the track quickly moves to an acoustic/string build, before erupting into a very FF-sounding rap/nu-metal verse. The chorus comes back down to earth with a dynamic piano breakdown before exploding into the main chorus hook. The track could be thought of as a love song, centered around overcoming massive obstacles. The overall writing/structure reaches back to some of Chris's earlier work, with a new and modern twist. "Crimson Rose" is a track the band expects to have broad appeal across multiple genres." - Chris Watt Fire Follows

Mastered by Maor Appelmaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering

MIxed by Kellen Mcgregor of Memphis May Fire

Video Production by Jason Leeper at Kreation Films

The Colorado-based Fire Follows is a heavy-melodic rock project founded by writer/front-man Chris Watt. The group's sound is incredibly multifaceted and has garnered appeal from fans of virtually all genres. Often referred to as "anthemic", the music blends elements of nu-metal, rap, and hard rock, while consistently delivering soaring, hooky, and unbelievably memorable choruses. In an effort to prepare for 2022 touring, the 3 piece has added 2 additional members and plans to be on the road as soon as the industry gets back on the rails. The addition of Tim and Emily in 2020 has helped to evolve the band's sound, and fans can expect to see continued growth as the group assimilates the new players. Chris is continually in the studio, and fans can expect to see multiple single releases throughout 2022. The band wants its fans to know how excited they are to finally get on the road, and cannot wait to see all of you soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new single "Crimson Rose"!

Chris Watt (Vox/Guitar/Keys) Tim Yunker (Vox/Rap) Emily Gould (Drums)

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