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Fire Follows Releases "Let Me Go" and it is genre bent with metal!

Fire Follows Releases Their Single/Video "Let Me Go"

FIRE FOLLOWS - "Let Me Go"(10/15). This is year has been a measure of huge growth musically for Chris Watt and his band Fire Follows. Focusing on writing, vocals, recording, and production has continued to lead Chris through and create some of his best to date work. His work from "Glass Grenade", "Can't Get You Out of My Head", "Home", and his last release "Father 'O Father" to his current single "Let Me Go" have been consistently proving where Fire Follows belongs in the world of rock music. Instrumentally the intertwining of piano, with the precision of guitar and drums and the melding of genres bringing a beholden mesh of metal, melody, and rap shows within each release a multi-diversified talent that only allows perfection. Nothing has been created that wasn't meant for the discerning ear of grand music appreciation. Chris will continue to produce what he loves with a keen sense of knowing only the best is allowed in each track produced. Rest assured listeners both long time and newly discovered can count on only the best from Fire Follows.

'"Let Me Go" is the newest hard-rock/nu-metal anthem from Fire Follows. Quite possibly their most dynamic song to date, the single features elements of rap/rock/nu-metal, and the prolific string/piano sections that help define the group's unique sound. The feedback on the track has been unbelievable and is expected to appeal to new fans across multiple genres. The lyrical message revolves around the crippling effects of depression and deteriorating mental health, and will hopefully be a source of encouragement to listeners as the world still struggles to get back to normal."' - Chris Watt

Chris Watt (Vox/Guitar/Keys) Tim Yunker (Vox/Rap) Emily Gould (Drums)

The Colorado-based Fire Follows is a heavy-melodic rock project founded by writer/front-man Chris Watt. The group's sound is incredibly multifaceted and has garnered appeal from fans of virtually all genres. Often referred to as "anthemic", the music blends elements of nu-metal, rap, and hard rock, while consistently delivering soaring, hooky, and unbelievably memorable choruses. In an effort to prepare for 2022 touring, the 3 piece has added 2 additional members and plans to be on the road as soon as the industry gets back on the rails. The addition of Tim and Emily in 2020 has helped to evolve the band's sound, and fans can expect to see continued growth as the group assimilates the new players. Chris is continually in the studio, and fans can expect to get at least 2-3 more singles before the end of the year. The band wants its fans to know how excited they are to finally get on the road, and cannot wait to see all of you soon! In the meantime, enjoy the new single "Let Me Go".

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