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Folk Rock Collective KNASTERBART Sign To Napalm Records + Reveal Album Details!

German folk rock collective Knasterbart have steered clear of all things golden and glamorous and chosen the hard life of a bunch of partying hicks instead: These seven dudes keep finding the stars in the gutter and have done so since 2012, churning out truly unique folk rock full of lewd humor, naughty daydreams and a healthy dose of self-mockery courtesy of musicians of Versengold and Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen! After the band just inked a worldwide deal with leading rock and metal label Napalm Records, their fourth album, Perlen vor die Säue ( english for Pearls before swine), will be seeing the light of day on November 29th 2019!

Perlen vor die Säue is a smorgasbord of catchy and tongue-in-cheek songs full of outlaw party flavor (‘Ringelpiez am Kiez’), tear-jerking moments (‘Bambis Mama’) and a peculiar love/hate relationship with Christmas (‘Herzchen im Schnee’). This is a hefty, rough-and-ready album for all future piglets and those who already know how to grunt!

Album Tracklisting: 1. Perlen für die Säue 2. Ringelpiez am Kiez 3. Kneipenschlägerei 4. Backpfeifensonate in d-Moll 5. Bambis Mama 6. Gib dich auf 7. Laich mich ein 8. Muss-ketier 9. Gossenglocken 10. Tanzt nach meiner Pfeife 11. Geboren um zu Sterben 12. Herzchen im Schnee

Raise your glasses ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for the folk rock trip of the year with Knasterbart. More news and tracks will follow in the days ahead!

Knasterbart is: Hotze (Vocals) Fummelfips (Vocals, Mandolin) Hackepeter (Guitar) Schramme (Guitar) Fidolin (Violin) Klappstuhl (Bass) Knüppelkalle (Drums)

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