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Fusage releases the heavy track and music video of "Cerberus"

Fusage releases the heavy track and music video of "Cerberus"

Dense, disturbing and necessary. "Cerberus", the new track that promotes the album ‘Outburst Desert’ by the Fusage quartet does not save riffs and layers of distorted guitars in a crusade against growing fascism in recent years, especially in Brazil. The music is a clear and direct message to the worst ruler the country has ever elected.


Written in mid-2018, the lyrics seem to have foreseen the carnage promoted by the president, then candidate. It is a cry of indignation and mourning, a denunciation at a time when we no longer have the right to remain silent. Not taking a stand is agreeing with the ongoing genocide.

With the participation of João Lemos (@molhonegro) both in the lacerating voices calling for the end of the government, and in the guitar that sets the tone of the speech, the track takes a name from Greek mythology, Cerberus is the dog of hell that guarded the gates of the underworld. In the chorus, a punch in the face prophesies the fall of the “myth” following the stanzas that resound like an army of citizens ready to overthrow the rotten system that has been installed.

For Fusage fans of low tunings, riffs and broken beats, Cerberus is sure to be a plateful. The stoner influence that led the band to form prevails throughout the sound. The environment created from the middle to the end of the track expresses the absurdity, chaos and disorder promoted by the denial and far-right parties that have been acting with impunity. Cerberus is the darkest and most intense outburst produced in these years of misrule, an assertion that it is impossible to accept any second more of this crime against humanity, of this tragedy that has been announced so long ago.

Formed in 2016, with an album released the following year, tours throughout most of Brazil, a live recorded at the Showlivre studio and a single released in 2019, Fusage is currently in the process of releasing the second album Outburst Desert, produced by Rodrigo Sanches and recorded at Rootsans Studio (São Paulo/SP). Rodrigo, who has worked with names like Miranda, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Céu, Tom Zé, Nação Zumbi, Franz Ferdinand and Iggy Pop, is a strong ally in this new phase of his career.

The whole record starts and ends in a renewed mood. In a kind of sonic diaspora, the band tunes in with Rodrigo Sanches's extraordinary experience and inventiveness, which mainly brings new forms of creative freedom and invites musicians to reach the next level. From the kitchen where the message is clearer, concise and objective, through the congruent layers of riffs and timbres toned by Jean Cedemachi (the newest member) to the aesthetic approach of the voices that sing in chorus lyrics of political positioning and questioning of the human existence (with the participation of João Lemos – Molho Negro). The weight remains, but it has matured. New horizons opened up for the conception of this work and, track by track, the quartet's most ambitious assertion remains open; that there is an immense desert with new shapes, textures and flavors to be experienced.

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