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FVNERALS release new single 'Yearning' taken from forthcoming album "Let the Earth Be Silent"

Dark doom trailblazers FVNERALS' release the oppressive and sinister new track 'Yearning', which is taken from the duo's forthcoming album "Let the Earth Be Silent". The impressive full-length has been scheduled for release on February 3, 2023.

The track 'Yearning' is now available:

Download the MP3 and WAV format at this link: (click here for Dropbox)

FVNERALS will also reissue the previous albums "The Light" (2014) and "Wounds" (2016) as Digipak and on black vinyl on February 3, 2023.

FVNERALS 'Yearning'

taken from the album "Let the Earth Be Silent"

FVNERALS comment: "The song was written as a reflection on hopelessness and uncertainty", guitarist Syd Scarlet explains. "Yearning for resignation, we often find ourselves reaching for closure in a world that seems to endlessly repeat its failures, blinded by the absurdity of religious beliefs and humanity's denial of its own burden."


2. Descent

4. Annihilation

5. Rite

7. Barren

Darkness. FVNERALS have created an album that turns the emptiness of the void and the depth of the abyss into sound with their third full-length "Let the Earth Be Silent". The duo gives sonic shape to the silence of extinction that humankind brings to all life on earth and itself. Depression, isolation, and the despair that this existence brings ooze out of every note.

FVNERALS came into being when singer and bass player Tiffany Ström met guitarist and songwriter Syd Scarlet in the southern English seaside resort Brighton in 2013. Their joining of creative forces resulted in the formation of a dark doom act that also reaches out to and draws from ambient, drone, and a pinch of post-rock to complement what constitutes a particularly sinister and heavy sound.

FVNERALS' first sign of life was the self-released EP "The Hours" (2013), which was quickly followed by the debut full-length "The Light" in the summer of 2014 and a first UK tour. In 2015, FVNERALS returned with the second EP "The Path" and relocated to Glasgow, Scotland where they started working on their sophomore album, while also touring across the UK and performing at the prestigious Doom over Leipzig festival in Germany.

When their next album "Wounds" hit the scene in 2016, it sparked relentless live activities across Europe and the UK that included joining EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & JAYE JAYLE. In 2018, FVNERALS set up their home in Belgium and operating from this new base, the duo added more shows in Europe including renowned festivals such as Dunk Festival (BE), Northern Discomfort Festival (DK), Sensoria Festival (UK), and Platzhirsch Festival (DE). Before the global pandemic shut down most live concerts for about two years, FVNERALS again supported EMMA RUTH RUNDLE but this time in Germany, to where the duo also relocated some months later.

FVNERALS have taken an even less optimistic approach to songwriting than on their previous records, which also means that their third album "Let the Earth Be Silent" is an artistic gift of beautiful darkness.

Release date: February 3, 2023 Style: Dark Ambient Doom

Current line-up Tiffany Ström – vocals, bass guitar Syd Scarlet – guitar Guest musicians Thomas Vaccargiu – drums, percussion Written & produced by Fvnerals Recorded & mixed by Tim de Gieter at Much Luv Studio, Belgium Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studios, USA Artwork by Anton Novozhilov Layout by Mario Polzin Links Shop

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