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Gabriel and the Apocalypse Remix Single/Video "Bleed Me An Ocean" with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves

Gabriel and the Apocalypse Remix Project Acoustic Single/Video "Bleed Me An Ocean"

INDUSTRIAL ROCK BAND GABRIEL and the APOCALYPSE's acoustic version of "Bleed Me An Ocean" exudes a transcendent emotional side of GATA that reveals the ability of Lindy's vocals in a powerful and effective way. In this release, GATA has gifted their listeners a more exposed performance, letting not only the music, but the production also speak for itself. The acoustic presentation of "Bleed Me An Ocean" enhances the raw emotional vibe, allowing for the fluidity of feeling to ebb and flow beautifully.

'"Bleed Me An Ocean" is the most vulnerable and emotional song on Alpha Bionic. We felt it would translate well in an acoustic - a stripped down version to amplify the rawness of the song. It's a relatable song that people can really connect with."'- Lindy Gabriel

Hailing from the colorful, culture-rich streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique sound of industrial rock outfit :Gabriel and the Apocalypse. The band delivers a chaotic, head-turning performance that drips with excess aggression, sex, and the female ferocity of frontwoman: Lindy Gabriel. Years ago, Lindy breathed life into this creature-of-a-project. With a few heavy-hitting albums, national tours, and a solid new lineup, it has since developed into a fully-fledged, national performing force that carries the old Industrial torch into the new generation. The band has spent the last few years cutting their teeth out on the road, getting the spins from doing figure-8s across the US interstate system with bands like Wednesday 13, American Head Charge, Flaw, Mushroomhead, and Lords of Acid. Within this circuit, they have become known for their intense energy on-stage as well as their dedicated professionalism with fans, venue staff, and tour mates. Gabriel and the Apocalypse are born road-dogs and live for the chance to throw down a little Jagër with fans and dance their combat boots off. Off the stage, GATA is known for the extraordinary production of their music videos and digital media. Praised as “visually stunning,” the band boasts a number of high-quality music videos for hits like “Thrill of the Kill,” “Behind the Sun,” “Electro Mechanical,” and their powerful rendition of the 1987 Midnight Oil No.1 single, “Beds are Burning.” With excellent replay value, these videos ooze with visual stimulus that exhibits a different facet of the band’s unconventional creativity. Hungry and ready, Gabriel and the Apocalypse plots and schemes their next steps. With notable national tours and charted radio hits under their belt, and an insatiable craving for progress, the band scouts the horizon for a heading. With the world put on hold in 2020, fans across the US are eager to see the band’s return and the latest developments of The Apocalypse. It will be a reckoning and GATA cannot wait to set sail again in this Musical Orgy on Wheels.

Band Members: Lindy Gabriel – Vocals Jake LaCore – Guitar/Bass Figgles McGee – Keys/Samples Zach Williams – Drums Joey Connelly - Guitar

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