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From hobby to obsession, raw to mega production, here and the afterlife, Ghostatic is an ominous, all-encompassing presentation of sounds and experiences written, performed, and produced by Adamo Fiscella. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and with a wide range of influences (both old and new), such as NIN, Nero, Skeler, and Deftones, Ghostatic is a vocally driven, modern take on industrial/electronic rock.

“The music presents itself as medicated bipolarism,” explains Adamo. “On one side, instrumentally, it is exotic, pulling from various genres of electronic music such as hardwave, ambient bass, and dubstep. On the other side, it is song driven with the vocals taking the forefront. The vocals keep the songs glued together - accompanied by heavy rock breakdowns weaved in. It's hard to put into a genre. Some of the subject matter relates to what it's like to die and what the afterlife might be like. Which is something I'm passionate about as I host/produce a TV show about the paranormal on Paraflixx.”

And soon, Ghostastic will be making their live debut (as Adamo will be joined on stage by Todd Schwarts – guitar, Gavin Ker - bass and keys, and Bailee Neville – drums). “The live show is a raw version of what the studio tracks sound like. Having a live drum set and more guitars replacing certain melodies and percussion that otherwise would have been synthetic. We're stoked to announce our first live show is happening December 18th at Avenue Taphouse in Lakewood, Ohio with our friends from Impending Lies. We are the outlier on the bill. Our sound isn't exactly rock nor EDM. Somewhere in between. We're paving our own path. It can be a lonely one. But the fans reassure us. It is worth it.” Tickets to the show can be purchased at

Also recently released was an eye-popping music video for the song “The New Revelation” (which can be viewed here:, as well as the release of an EP. “The EP, ‘Don't Stand So Close To Me,’ was titled by the cover I did by The Police. Which is the second track. It is an ominous departure from the original, with many parts completely reworked. ‘The New Revelation’ is the first track, and single, from the EP. It's heavy…imagine if NIN came out in 2021. ‘I'm Lost,’ the third track, is an electronic powerhouse with a big drop, then smacks you with a rock transition out of nowhere. It's full of detailed editing and atmosphering/exotic synthwork. Imagine what it is like to die. ‘Far From Here,’ the fourth and final track, is exactly where it takes you. It's a cinematic rock/electronic song built for a soundtrack about the last moments of the end of everything as we know it. It is in a 6/4 time signature. I love writing in odd timing.”

And if that wasn’t enough, next year is shaping up to be a busy one for Ghostastic. “2022 is already looking interesting with a few festivals, and a possible tour, in the spring. We'll have more deets in the coming weeks.”


The New Revelation

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