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Girl Talk & Wiz Khalifa "READY FOR LOVE"

Wiz Khalifa is a man of many talents in his new music video for “Ready for Love” with Girl Talk which is off their collaborative album Full Court Press alongside Big K.R.I.T and Smoke DZA

Directed by Andy Koeger, the video finds Wiz taking the stage at the Globe Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. What looks to be an otherwise normal performance soon turns into the rapper giving fans more than their money’s worth, as Wiz juggles a chainsaw, helps hatch baby dinosaurs, and shows off his archery accuracy with some assistance from Girl Talk. “On Full Court Press, I wanted each song to have a distinctive sound but still work in a cohesive way. ‘Ready for Love’ was crucial because there’s nothing else like it on the album, but the sample and overall energy blends smoothly with the other songs,” Girl Talk explained, who added that while there was a sample clearance issue flipping Chic’s "Soup for One"they were able to make it work with the band’s legendary co-founder. “We needed to get a replay done, which I wasn’t thrilled about because I love the quality of the recording in the original song. We decided to reach out to Nile Rodgers, and he actually agreed to do the replay, which I couldn’t believe! He absolutely nailed it, and that allowed me to have access to the individual stems. This had a major impact on the quality and dynamics in the production for ‘Ready for Love.’” “One of my favorite songs from the project. Love how Girl Talk flipped it,” Wiz added of the collaboration.

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