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Glazergirl Releases New Single "Chilly Flower" to all major platforms!

Stream/Download "Chilly Flower"

Modern hard rock project Glazergirl™ aka “GG” (Jill R. Serfaty) released her newest single "Chilly Flower" to all major platforms. The single is from her forthcoming 5 song EP titled "Mothership" due out this spring.

"'Chilly Flower' is a favorite of mine. It sounds like a spy movie opening credits and reflects the story of a boy who at four years old found a gun in his mother’s garden after a gas station robbery on the other side of the wall. The culprit flees. The child finds the gun among the flowers of the garden and points it at his eight-year-old brother—thankfully without tragedy. A garden, which should be about warmth and peace, becomes cold with hidden evil. Hence a 'chilly flower'," says Jill.

Glazergirl™ has been on the music scene since 2009, when she fronted a hard rock band in the Hollywood, FL area. Moving forward over the years, she was featured in the work of the JP Southern Band song "Slow Ride". Three years ago Glazergirl™ fronted a metal band called Union Kain out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. In a decisive move, she decided on a solo project as Glazergirl™ to put her own original music out into the world.

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