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GLOSTIK WILLY New Single/Video "427" with TLG ENTERTAINMENT/INgrooves

Indianapolis, IN. Hippy Metal band Glostik Willy have released their next single/video especially for you - "427". "427" is their latest release coming in after "Back Room" their fourth song from the coming album. "427" is truly living the nuance of authentic jam sessions. The record features Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Rolling Stones, Sugar Hill Gang, etc.), a ton of our friends, mixed by 5-time Grammy winner Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bon Jovi, EVERYONE).

Get Ready to Kick Back and JAM!

Glostik Willy has taken their music into the realm of technological possibilities as they have built an empire on Glostik Willy Twitch TV. The band is currently streaming 4-6 hour sets, 5 nights per week on Twitch, with top-tier production and a never-ending song list. Glostik Willy has built the most active and interactive full-band stream on the planet, pioneering the future of live music. Catch Doug Wimbish on Glostik Willy's Twitchtv live stream Channel: 4/28 & 4/29.

The Rock N Roll Jam Session has arrived and Glostik Willy has got your 420 on their latest release "427".

Willy Town is September 9-12

where Glostik Willy's full-length album will be released!

For more information visit -

'"427" is the first real 'Hippy' track released. Coming in over 10 minutes, it’s a musical journey. This song has always been a very intense live jam so being able to work it in the studio was super fun. We weren’t restricted to making a 3-minute song so it gave us a chance to explore new musicals horizons." - JayMoe

Produced by: Jay Moe, Eric Stewart, Geno Stewart. Mixed by: Chris Lord-Alge. Mastered by: Gavin Lurssen. Features: Doug Wimbish, Geno Stewart, FlowPoetry

Glostik Willy is a Hippy Metal band from Indiana, made up of brothers Jay Moe & Ralf Mowf, with lifelong partner in rock, Buddha Aguilar. Glostik Willy has been touring nationally in the US since 2015, released 2 full-length studio albums, and hosted 6 Willy Town Music Festival events that feature 3 nights of music, art, and camping. Currently, the band is working on their third studio album, set to release in 2021 while quickly becoming popular music streamers on Twitch. tv.

Glostik Willy's Story:

Glostik Willy is made up of 2 brothers Ralf Mowf and JayMoe alongside Buddha Aguilar whom we met in middle school band class. We started a band the first day we met and never considered doing anything else. We dropped out of school to pursue music and moved out of our hometown to a nearby college town, Muncie, Indiana. It was there we began to throw our own festivals and develop relationships with regional bands.

We spent many years on the road, we have been playing gigs every week since we were 11 & 12 years old, we are 30 now. We’ve toured everywhere, played every dirty dive bar, every nice room, and every festival that would take us. We originally developed our hype by going to festivals we weren’t booked at with a truck full of gear, building a stage, and throwing a festival inside a festival. At the same time, we were putting on our own 3-day music festival Willy Town which is coming up in its 7th year and has featured many national acts over the years. It is our chance to perform multiple nights and showcase all the amazing artists we have met in our travels. We have been doing so much stuff for so long it’s near impossible to sum it all up without writing a full book.

Around 2016 we started streaming on Twitch because we were big gamers. However, we saw an opportunity to bring full-band streaming to reality. At the time it really hadn’t been done yet. Music wasn’t yet a category on Twitch, it was still called Creative. We very well may have been the first band to pull off a full band live stream. Although Twitch was fun there weren’t as many people hip to it as there are today and the tour was calling so we left streaming behind and focused on touring.

In Nov. of 2019, we had been taking time off from the road to record our album, Hippy Metal. The record features Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Rolling Stones, Sugar Hill Gang, etc.), a ton of our friends, mixed by 5-time Grammy winner Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Bon Jovi, EVERYONE). We were getting bored with no shows to play and I love computers and technology. So we said, hey let’s start streaming again! We started streaming 3 nights per week and then covid hit about 3 months later. We were not ever really affected by it. We had an entire stream studio built and running in a commercial location while other bands were wondering how to continue. Our stream schedule eventually moved to 5 nights per week which is where we are now. We have achieved the status of the most active band on the planet with almost 1000 hours of full-band performances streamed in 2020. We know an endless number of songs, just the ones we can remember leave over 300 in our song list.

Through this insane pandemic, Glostik has found a way to pivot and adapt to the changes in our industry. Not only are we playing music but our band is actually gaining popularity faster than any other band that I can think of. We’ve played for thousands and thousands of people during this pandemic and have almost doubled our audience. We pick up new die-hard fans every day which keeps us sane. We are writing new music every day and being challenged by our chat.

Not only have we built the highest quality, most consistent full band stream on the internet but it is also the most interactive. Watching our stream is like being in the studio with the band and they are performing for you. You can request songs, change the cameras, get us to learn songs, write songs with us. The possibilities are endless and we have so much fun doing it.

Huge thank you to all our fans and everyone who worked hard to make this record especially Eric & Geno Stewart. Thank you to TwitchTV, The Label Group (TLG Entertainment), and SongRiverPR/CowGirlZenEntertainment.

Where to find Glostik Willy:

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