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Groove Metal Trio ARTUSHA Reveals First Video for “Inquisition” Single

Richmond, VA, groove metal trio ARTUSHA has revealed a brand new video for their single “Inquisition,” a socio-political reflection on the state of America.

Check out the video for “Inquisition” today, exclusively via Metal Injection at

“Generally speaking, the social/political state in the US is in a really strange and unimaginable place,” says guitarist/vocalist David Landers. “Division is often used to ensure power, but it feels like we're taking the bait more than ever. Call me crazy, but maybe it’s time we think for ourselves? A lyric line says, ‘The pitchfork mobs are coming out to fight.’ People are hypersensitive and end up eager to pummel one another over individual views.”  

The “Inquisition” single is available at Together with the track “Zero Label,” ARTUSHA’s two singles have already racked up over 15,000 Spotify streams.

ARTUSHA is completed by David’s brother Caylon Landers on drums and Brian Hase on bass, all of whom are multi-instrumentalist who have written and recorded solo projects. With this in mind, the trio has elected to follow the advice of Rush’s Neil Peart when it comes to songwriting, with everything written under consensus. “This ensures there isn't always someone on the losing end of creative decisions,” David Landers says.

The band is currently in the studio working at David’s own Zero Label Studio to finish their debut album, scheduled for release later this year. The studio, which now dually serves as ARTUSHA’s headquarters and production office, is open to the public by appointment and offers full-service music production with the brothers engineering and producing.


David Landers – guitar/vocals

Brian Hase – bass

Caylon Landers - drums

ARTUSHA online:

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