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Hällas Release New Single "Elusion's Gate"

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Swedish retro prog-rock outfit Hällas released new single "Elusion's Gate" off of their upcoming album "Isle Of Wisdom" today. Reminiscent of 70's hard rock, prog, proto-metal, folk and psychedelic influences, Hällas brings groovy nostalgia to the table with their new release.

When asked to speak on their new album, the band responded, "An escape from unwanted happenings doesn't always lead you towards the better as danger can be found in any universe or time. Welcome to the Isle of Wisdom."

"Isle of Wisdom", produced in collaboration with Linn Fijal and Vilma Colling at Riksmixningsverket studio (where acts like ABBA, Celine Dion, and Arch Enemy have recorded), will release April 8, 2022. Physical copies and bundle packages are currently available for pre-order through Napalm Records's online store.

Listen to "Elusion's Gate" on YouTube now below:


1. Birth/Into Darkness

2. Advent of Dawn

3. Earl's Theme

4. The Inner Chamber

5. Elusion's Gate

6. Gallivants (Of Space)

7. Stygian Depths

8. The Wind Carries the Word


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