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HAAS Releases New Single "Headfirst"

HAAS Releases New Single "Headfirst"

Pop rock artist HAAS have released their new single "Headfirst," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. HAAS'S previous EP "Love & Loss", which was released in 2019, upheld a Kelly Clarkson-esque organic pop/rock sound, but HAAS has since taken on the inclusion of other elements into their music. "Headfirst" leans deeper into the pop spectrum, while still maintaining the vulnerability featured in their previous work. A true pop contender, HAAS is the epitome of authenticity. About the single, HAAS states:

“Headfirst” is about being a dreamer in an environment where people don’t understand nor try to understand. The song explores the feelings of love, fear and desperation to reach those dreams. Without your dreams, you’re no longer yourself.

HAAS is a pop artist from Virginia. HAAS started out writing songs and playing covers in her basement as a form of escape. Eventually, it stemmed into a passion that led to the formation of HAAS. The name is a tribute to not only her family name but her late grandfather who inspired her through his music. HAAS became the official name in 2018. Through the use of catchy melodies and expressive lyrics, HAAS has been able to marry different sounds to create unique music. HAAS uses music not only as an outlet for herself, but wants the music to be an outlet for others. She draws on personal hardships, such as loss, strained relationships, bullying, depression, and anxiety, but also hardships happening within the world. HAAS strives to promote a place of safety and inclusivity, where it is okay to be who you are and forget about the real world for a minute. HAAS discussed being bullied and scared of being who she is and by embracing herself, she hopes to inspire others to do the same; “love who you are and don’t be afraid to do the things you want.”


HAAS - "Headfirst"


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