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A chill in the air welcomed September Mourning to Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh. September Mourning is one of the most artistic bands on the planet Earth at this moment. If you combine art and rock you will get September Mourning. This is a dark fantasy culture that resides in a comic book and comes to life through beautiful music to tell their tale. There have been other bands that have took towards comic book publication, such notable acts are Kiss and Gwar, but September Mourning brings it to a new level. The music tells their story and it makes for one hell of a rocking night.

Hard Rock Café Pittsburgh is a great venue to perform. It is intimate without being too small. September Mourning took to the stage with a roar from the crowd. These talented musicians made it known right away by coming out in their attire this is going to be a show to remember. The white, innocence of the costume worn by September with the band, which includes Riven, Wraith, and Stitch, clad in black is complimentary to the September Mourning artistic story which only adds to the music.

The music is the focus as much as the artistic performance. The melodies that go from soft to hard musically can only be accomplished through practice and talent.

September Mourning has everything a music fan can want, from powerful vocals to spine-tingling guitars with riveting bass and heart-pounding drums. This chilly evening the band played “Eye of the Storm” and “Skin and Bones” these were standouts early on in their set. “Empire” and “Children of Fate” had the audience screaming for more.

The performance was full of movement along with a video screen set up behind to keep the story of September Mourning moving along. The bands newest release “Glass Animals” was performed with every person loving it. No one left this show disappointed.

If you are looking for a show that has everything and anything check September Mourning tour out. A book fan? Check out their graphic novel, this will make you love them even more. A great performance from a great band! Rock On!

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