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Hatefulmurder shares new video "Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio"

Hatefulmurder premiere new official music video for "Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio" from latest album "Reborn"

The Brazilian extreme metal band, Hatefulmurder, released the official music video for the song “Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio” with exclusive premiere on Decibel Magazine. Like most bands in 2020, Hatefulmurder was forced to press pause on their plans when the pandemic hit. Although “Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio” was released in 2019, the video could not be safely made until 2021. The song is the only track off 'Reborn' screamed in Portuguese, and is available for viewing on the Xaninho Discos YouTube channel.

“We thought of a clip where the aesthetic concept, as surreal as it may seem, could bring a little bit of the atmosphere of the music,” Burns says about the video. “The ability to transform negative feelings like anguish and pain into feelings of struggle and liberation. [It’s] always good to remember the ability we have as human beings to transform our realities and evolve together.

"Amid a whirlwind of fiery hair, Burns growls while backlit by a scarlet glow. Renan Ribeiro’s riffs blend Gothenburg melodeath with thrash and modern metalcore, achieving a dark atmosphere even before the video’s book-burning breakdown. Meanwhile, Felipe Modesto’s bass lines team up with drummer Thomás Martinoia’s rhythms to make mosh pits combust. The song is a great representation of Reborn‘s intensity and themes." - Decibel Magazine

HATEFULMURDER - Santificado seja o meu ódio (Official Video)

Hatefulmurder is a rising name in the extreme metal scene due to vocalist Angélica Burns' talent and vocal techniques. Currently the band continues to promote the album 'Reborn', released in late 2019. The album shows all the artistic experiences acquired over the years, and is an independent release, financed by the fans themselves through a crowdfunding campaign. A cohesive, strong and heavy album that marks yet another great moment in the band's career.

Founded in 2008 by Renan Campos, the initial idea was to mix modern thrash metal and death metal, showing the ability to create heavy music in Brazil. The name Hatefulmurder came from a term used by the Baltimore expertise to report that a crime is extremely brutal. Recently, vocalist Angélica Bastos participated in a video with the band SEPULTURA, alongside vocalist Fernanda Lira (CRYPTA) and Mayara Puertas (TORTURE SQUAD), which aired on the special "SepulQuadra". Check this here.

Hatefulmurder will remain focused on the next studio album, which will be recorded this year and released in 2022. The band also expects to support 'Reborn' with a pandemic-delayed tour of Europe.


1. Rise

2. Reborn

3. Lost Days

4. Spit Deception

5. Sentimentos Artificiais

6. You Are Not the One

7. Santificado Seja o Meu Ódio

8. Mindbreaker

9. Break Down the Propechy

Genre: Death Metal


Producer / sound engineer: Celo Oliveira

Recording, mixing, and mastering: Kolera Studio & Family Mob

Photographer: Alessandra Tolc

Line up:

Renan Ribeiro (guitarra e backing vocals)

Thomás Martin (bateria)

Felipe Modesto (baixo)

Angelica Burns (vocais)

For more on HATEFULMURDER visit the band's official FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and WEBSITE.

For more on XANINHO DISCOS visit the official SITE, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE

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