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Century Media Records Release date: May 1, 2020 By Greg Fristick

V, the fifth full length release from Denver, Colorado’s Havok, will be released via Century Media Records on May 1, 2020. V is the follow up to 2017’s Conformicide. Havok welcomes new bassist, Brandon Bruce, following the departure of Nick Schendzielos. In addition, the lineup for the album consists of vocalist/guitarist and founding member, David Sanchez, drummer Pete Webber, and lead guitarist Reece Scruggs.

V kicks off with the second single from the album, Post-Truth Era. The track kicks off with an intro that is eerily similar to the intro to Metallica’s Blackened. It is not exact, but that’s the vibe that it gives off. Heavy riffs and bone crushing drums take over and accompany powerful vocals. You can check out the lyric video HERE

Fear Campaign has an old school thrash/speed metal vibe. This song is an absolute shred fest. A heavy intro followed by a solo that leads into the first verse and chorus. Another solo leads into the second verse and chorus. More shredding leads to a brutal breakdown and bridge section. Guess what…another shredding solo. This song could easily become a thrash metal staple.

Betrayed By Technology starts with a little call and response between guitars and bass. A melodic riff follows. This song has a killer groove with hints of doom and hardcore. My favorite part, you ask. Bass solo followed by guitar solo. I can just see the mosh pits opening up during this one. More Metallica vibes. The main riff on Ritual Of The Mind reminds me of Harvester of Sorrow. Can we assume that the guys were heavily influenced by …and Justice For All on this album? That is up for debate.

The song speaks of the lies and manipulation of “The System,” as well as the war on drugs and the money made by “Big Pharma.” A harmonizing bass and guitar solo leads into a breakdown and brutal ending to the song. This one’s another gem. Interface With The Infinite starts with a shredding solo and some thumping bass. Man…the slap and pop of Brandon Bruce’s bass puts me in the zone. He is definitely a great addition to the Havok Camp. Bottom line – this song will make you want to bang your head.

Dab Tsog is a short interlude, or an intro to the next track, and first single from the album, Phantom Force. The title comes from The Curse of The Dab Tsog. The Night Hag (or Old Hag) is the name given to a supernatural creature. This is used to explain the phenomenon of sleep paralysis.

This is another shredder and will not disappoint. You can check out the official video HERE.

Next up, Cosmetic Surgery. We all know someone that can be described by this song. You can figure that out once you listen to the album. This song is super thrashy and fast as hell. Shred. Shred. Shred. A classical guitar section kicks of Panpsychism. This bass driven track is in reference to ancient 16 th Century philosophies. Panpsychism is the view that all things have a mind or a mind-like quality or philosophical Schisms. “It’s all alive.”

Track 10 is Merchants Of Death. This track has everything a thrash metal fan could ask for. Epic riffs, shredding solos, bone crushing drums, groovy bass lines, and some over the top and powerful vocals. Instant Classic.

Wrapping up the album is my personal favorite from the album, Don’t Do It. Such a beautiful intro. Then BOOM. Havok kicks you in the teeth one last time with some mid-tempo brutality (Not that heavy isn’t just as beautiful). This song is so eerily beautiful. The song is all about being alone in the world and wanting to end it all. SUICIDE…DON’T DO IT. In closing, I must say that V is the strongest album to date from Havok. This is a must-have for all hardcore thrash metal fans. 5 out of 5 Horns

Up from me.

You can pre-order the album from CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS GOODBYE TO YOU!!!

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