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He Was A God- The Smile & The Scar

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

By Jonah Hoy

After a year like 2021, which brought the world to a gloomier and angry place, there's hope and a new sound in the new year. In December, He Was A God released their EP The Smile & The Scar. The rock veterans who formed in 2019 in Connecticut are kicking and slaying their way into a new year, no matter what gets in their way.

The Smile & The Scar is an ode of three determining metal ballads that touch on the depravity of the soul and the crushing determination that the world owes you nothing and will beat you to hell. He Was A God, takes that depravity of the world lacing all its problems on the shoulders should crack under pressure, but like Atlas, a god in myth, these metal gods pull and shape the will to push through the pain. That pain and anger of being beaten down come with an arsenal of melodic screaming vocals, amazingly sound guitar solos, and the virtuosic power in the drums and guitar throughout every song.

These intense veterans know the cries of pain and anguish all too well, and their new EP can give us the words and expressions we all have felt in 20 minutes of explosive poetic steel.

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