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HEAVY TEMPLE announce August US tour dates

HEAVY TEMPLE announce US tour dates 2021

Pennsylvania's psychedelic doomsters HEAVY TEMPLE have announced the first 2021 US tour dates in support of their acclaimed debut album "Lupi Amoris". Please see below for a complete list of shows.

HEAVY TEMPLE comment: "We were fortunate enough to be able to put out an album during a time of much uncertainty, especially regarding live shows, so needless to say we're excited to get back in the van", writes frontwoman High Priestess Nighthawk. "Music, especially for us metalheads, is such a huge part of our lives. The last year and a half has been rough, to say the least, without any shows. We've been practicing the songs from 'Lupi Amoris' this whole time, and we're ready for people to hear them the way we always intended, live and in person, even if we all have to take a few extra precautions to keep ourselves and our fans safe when we get there."

"Lupi Amoris" was released on Friday June 18, 2021. Cover art, tracklist, and further details of "Lupi Amoris" may be viewed below. "Lupi Amoris" is streaming in full via the link below:

HEAVY TEMPEtour-flyer, band pictures, album cover, and other graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbox)


26 AUG 2021 Pittsburgh, PA (US) Preserving Underground

27 AUG 2021 Detroit, MI (US) Sanctuary

28 AUG 2021 Columbus, OH (US) Ace of Cups

29 AUG 2021 Harrisonburg, VA (US) The Golden Pony

30 AUG 2021 Columbia, SC (US) Art Bar

31 AUG 2021 Atlanta, GA (US) Boggs & Social

01 SEP 2021 Chattanooga, TN (US) JJ’s Bohemia

03-05 SEP 2021 Cookeville, TN (US) Muddy Roots Music Festival


2. The Wolf

4. Isabella (with Unrelenting Fangs)

5. Howling of a Prothalamion

HEAVY TEMPLE crash forth like a roaring mastodon in a thunderstorm with their first official full-length, "Lupi Amoris," and it has all the markings of a landmark record.

As progressive as BARONESS but unselfconscious, as heavy as FU MANCHU but more adventurous, this Philadelphia trio throw every lever in the riff-metal machine, yet also wield lyrical concepts that register on literary levels.

"Lupi Amoris" offers a one-way trip through wide-open spaces and deep forests. Its songs wind and deposit heavy flotsam like a mighty musical stream, pushing through swirling rapids, cutting through riff-mountains, and swelling with addictive grooves. Riding atop the sonic waves, singer and bass player High Priestess Nighthawk belts powerfully over the roaring din.

When HEAVY TEMPLE came into being on the 2012 winter solstice, the trio were after the pure fun and joy of playing heavy music, illustrated by each founding member's chosen nom de guerre: High Priestess Nighthawk, Rattlesnake, and Bearadactyl.

At first playing shows locally in Philly, the band quickly gained an excellent live reputation, leading to tours alongside RUBY THE HATCHET, MOTHERSHIP, ROYAL THUNDER and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. Invitations to notable festivals included The Maryland Doom Fest, Psycho Las Vegas, and Decibel Metal & Beer, among many others. It's an impressive live showing made even more remarkable when considering that HEAVY TEMPLE have yet to release their debut full-length.

After their first self-released and self-titled EP "Heavy Temple” (2014) was picked up by esteemed German cult label Ván Records, the self-released single " Love You To Death " and sophomore EP "Chassit" followed in 2016. Second single "Key & Bone" arrived in 2018, and the split 7" "From the Black Hole" with WOLFBLOOD materialized in 2020, but it took until 2021 for a full album to appear on the horizon at last. It speaks volumes about HEAVY TEMPLE's talent and face-melting live impact that the invitations to attractive tours and prestigious festivals continued to roll in anyway.

Although HEAVY TEMPLE leverage all the trappings of traditionally male-oriented metal (to the point that their sound could proudly sport a full beard), the powerful presence of frontwoman and sole remaining founding member High Priestess Nighthawk merges their glorious heaviness with a strong thematic line of feminine strength.

"Lupi Amoris" is Latin for "Wolves of Love," and takes strong inspiration from Angela Carter's story "The Company of Wolves." In it, the narrative of Red Riding Hood is flipped from a cautionary tale about the dangers of lust and desire, feelings young women were traditionally expected to stifle, to a story of female sexuality and power reclaimed. "Lupi Amoris" finds the Philly outfit aligning with a Red Riding Hood who is freed from the traditional bonds of what's expected.

Proving that it's quite possible to hammer out gargantuan stoner doom and still say something about life's realities, HEAVY TEMPLE make a fierce and much-needed statement with "Lupi Amoris", and at these volumes, the world is guaranteed to hear it.

Release date: June 18


High Priestess Nighthawk – vocals, bass

Lord Paisley – guitar

Baron Lycan – drums

Style: Heavy Psychedelic Doom

Recorded & mixed by Will Spectre at Red Water Recordings

Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering

Artwork by Alex Reisfar

Layout by Zach Thomas

Graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbox)

Available formats

"Lupi Amoris" is available as digisleeve CD and gatefold vinyl LP in solid turqouise and in "Bloody Mary" coloured vinyl.


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