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Hellz - We Want Rock - (Hard Rock)

We all know this Queen can sing but are you ready for four times the Hellz? Lisa Perry has unleashed every piece of her talent to bring the world her new single We want rock! The new music video released on the 10 TH of October 2020, will make audiences think they are seeing quadruple! Hellz herself has stepped up and taken on the mammoth task of solely writing and producing the catchy rock single. Hellz never goes small and she has not let her audiences down. The multi-instrumentalist displays her music skills by playing every instrument in the music video, and It does not finish there. The music video of We want rock was also created, produced, directed and edited by Lisa Perry. Meaning, everything you will see and hear is created by Lisa Perry alone. Hellz is definitely on fire! And the news just keeps getting better. An official announcement has dropped this month that Hellz will be touring internationally in 2021 with her band and Global Unity Tours. Lisa will be taking Hellz all over the world in what is looking like an amazing year ahead!

Together with Global Unity Tours Lisa Perry is looking forward to touring and sharing the meaning behind the name Hellz. “We are not afraid” of the journey ‘to Hellz and back for we have been there, scars and all we only become stronger.’ In a world where live music has almost been silenced in 2020, Hellz new single ‘We want rock’ is dedicated to the worlds entertainment industry and music lovers worldwide. We need music more than ever in our hearts and souls. Bring back live music! WE WANT ROCK!

Lisa Perry tells us, "I want the world to see that i breath this work.” Music is my life and I love every part of creating something to 'give" to the world. Rock and blues are my absolute favourite genres of music.” “When I create something like We want rock, I feel like I have achieved good out of the gifts I have been given. I love people and I love to see them enjoying music.” We want Rock is the 10 th single released this year by Hellz. Following a number 1 on the iTunes charts in February this year with Fire to the Sky, and Hellz most recent release Waiting on the other side grabbing a top ten place on the worldwide Indie radio charts Hellz is excited to release We want rock on the 10 th of October. The endorsed artist of Olympus Custom Guitars and RODE Microphones is also seen playing her brand-new Olympus 'JL' custom Hellz signature guitar in the new music video. 

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Listen and download We want rock by Hellz here:

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