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Hierarchy - Hierarchy - (Blackened Death Metal)

Hierarchy - "Self Titled" (Death Metal)

The brainchild of Vernon Boward III and Michael Goguey Jr . Hierarchy was formed in 2002 and went through numerous lineup changes before going on indefinite hiatus in 2010. But as the gods would have it, the stars and planets aligned and Hierarchy was reborn once more in 2018! This band is now poised to conquer the world!

The long awaited debut album of Long Island's own melodic blackened death metal band Hierarchy is here. 15 years in the making!

Track List:

1. Everything Burns (intro) 02:17

2. Light ov the Morning Star 04:56

3. The Spectacular Sin 05:39

4. Faithless 05:00

5. Ave Satanas 03:43

6. Death to the Vatican 04:26

7. Fire and Blood 03:08

8. Legion 04:04

9. Suicide Ceremony 04:32

10. Ravenous 01:51

11. From Aeons Came 06:30

12. Through the Fires of Moloch 04:06

13. Blessed Be the Fallen 04:02

Released December 1, 2020

All Songs Written By Tabotan and Lucithor

Recorded and Mixed by Lucithor at Odinson Studios

Follow the band at these links:

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