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Highland Rose Rocks The Outpost

Highland Rose, a rock band that formed in 2014 in the city of New Castle, PA rocked The Outpost in Kent, OH.

The rock band, who are mainly influced by bands such as Led Zepplin, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains are a bunch of dudes in a basement with a desire to make something of their musical abilities. These guys have been working a lot in the past few years sharing the stage with acts such as Puddle Of Mudd, Jackyl and Mushroomhead.

Tonight the set was full of enegry, with these guys never lacks. These guys always give 120%, whether they're playing to a sold out venue or to a crowd of ten. The instrumentals give me a 90's Seattle vibe combined with heavy metal while the vocals are more of a new era rock sound, reminding me of 10 years.

The set list was made up of fan favorites such as "Hear Me Out" and "Walk Away", while introducing a new song "Liberator."

If you want a hard enegry rock show, Check out Highland Rose, this band is going places.

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