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Hope Vista Reveals New Solo Pop Project, Ravive

Hope Vista (Ex-VISTA) Reveals New Solo Pop Project, Ravive

Hope Vista, former lead vocalist of alt rock band VISTA, has unveiled her new solo pop project, called Ravive. She will release all future solo work under the name Ravive, and her debut single "Sahara" will be released on all digital platforms March 5th. The DNA of Ravive is a culmination of all of her past musical endeavors, including her time in VISTA and releasing music as a solo artist years ago. Growing up in the mid 90's bubblegum pop era, Hope Vista has been fascinated with the structure and production of pop music since young childhood. Ravive creates her own blend of ghostly ear candy, and the release of "Sahara" will introduce the hypnotic nature of what's to come. About Ravive, she states:

"Releasing music under the name Ravive is the most authentic representation of who I am artistically at 27. Of course, Hope Vista is my real name, and that is my core - but Ravive allows me to showcase the evolution of my artistry from 2015 to now. Ravive is me, now, 5 years later. My previous musical endeavors - releasing solo music years back as Hope Vista and then as the lead vocalist of alt rock band VISTA - represented where I was. Ravive is darker, feels everything quite vividly, and knows what the music in her head sounds when brought to fruition. Pop music is an exciting part of what's in my blood. I am RAVIVE - a revived form of Hope Vista, just a bit more evolved."

Ravive is a breather. She is emboldened, a breath of desert air. An ethereal fusion of breathy pop, cinematics, and synthesized melancholia, Ravive is writing her own story of revitalization. After spending years in the rock industry and touring nationally with an alternative duo, the 27 year old is embracing evolution, simplicity, eeriness, and reflection. Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper, her experimental sonic blend is simply an audible painting showing where she’s been. Her debut single “Sahara,” a pulsing, ghostly dream, paints the visual of walking through the desert to try and reach a place of safety. A phantom for your ears, Ravive toys with her inner darkness to create a hypnotic, synth pop smoothie.



Instagram: @hopevista

Twitter: @hopevista

TikTok: @hopevista

Facebook: @iamravive

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