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Hope Vista’s New R&B-Infused Single “Worst for You” Reflects on Guilt

Pop's newest it-girl Hope Vista has released her new single, "Worst for You," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. “Worst for You” represents a mature blend of R&B-tinged nostalgic pop, taking a heart-wrenching dive into chill 2000s-inspired production and ongoing guilt about a college love affair gone wrong. She says:

"I'm a sucker for 2000's pop, but this production wasn't intentionally inspired by elements of that era. It was a natural progression, especially when I started to piece together what the track is rooted in lyrically. 19 year old Hope was a hot mess, and she made some very poor decisions. Some of those decisions have brought on strong feelings of guilt for the past 10 years. This song is for that girl, who desperately needed to hear a song like this in 2013".

Hope Vista is a haunting soul, fearlessly delving into the inner workings of her psyche and pioneering the genre of phantom pop. Her music transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of sad pop and experimental alt, creating an exploration of her innermost anxieties.

Fueled by Diet Dr. Pepper and extensive therapy, Hope Vista's sonic concoction is more than a sound; it's a hypnotic and unsettling audible painting. With each autobiographical song, including her new single “Hot Blood,” vulnerability meets empowerment. A phantom for your ears, Hope Vista emerges as the undisputed it-girl of phantom pop, leaving an indelible mark on the pop landscape as she continues to transform her eerie thoughts into intoxicating art.

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