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Hyper-Pop Trap // New Singl

Scott Magnus is a pop artist from Oldham, Manchester (UK). He creates strong, beautiful and melodious indie, pop/rock songs, bringing them to life with upbeat trap and hyper-pop production, resulting in something which is powerful, introspective and heartfelt.

Scott is an outspoken supporter of people with disabilities, particularly those with learning difficulties, because he himself has ADHD, Autism and Dyspraxia. Scott turns the experiences he encounters as someone with disabilities into music that can heal, embolden and inspire anyone facing difficult obstacles. It is his mission to help people overcome their challenges as he does.

As an actor and model, 2020 saw Scott realizing his true passion for music and has since honed his craft for songwriting, singing, playing guitar and music production to an even more obsessive extent. He has amassed an ever-growing fanbase who not only enjoy his covers and original songs, but also the sketch comedy he creates and performs prolifically.

Like a phoenix rising from the flames, the aptly named new single "The Phoenix" was written after Scott decided to move on from a job that wasn't aligned with him as a neurodivergent person. With a newfound sense of excitement and experience under his belt, the songwriter shares, “I emerged from the old job a new and better man. My discipline had been forged in a fire of adversity and I felt like London had so much opportunity to offer me and I was ready to make the most of it! I didn’t stop making mistakes as they are part of having learning difficulties and being human for that matter, but this song was an expression of my positive attitude upon making mistakes and receiving criticism.”

Sonically, the vocal melodies stand out in a neon glow of echoing, raw lyrics, dancing in a catchy array of melodies. The guitar riff carries a sense of stability and familiarity mirroring the artist's freedom in leaving behind the past to come back stronger. The simple soundscape allows us to enjoy each aspect, accompanied by rocky tones which pack a punch. Scott's voice bleeds power and peace in the euphoric atmosphere of the single, creating an overwhelming, spine-tingling sensation.

"The Phoenix" follows his debut single “Diamond In The Rough”, both of which are off of the upcoming six-track EP Comeback Stronger. The EP chronicles ‘The Phoenix’ like transformation and resilience required to come back from a fall, into a better version of yourself.

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