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Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release First Video The Devil's Trade

Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release First Video The Devil's Trade From Upcoming Self-titled EP

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Australian Newcomers Idle Ruin have just released their first music video/single The Devil's Trade. The song has been taken from their upcoming self-titled debut EP which will be out on December 4th. Idle Ruin plays aggressive and hard-hitting music that could be best described as death metal crossed with blackened thrash. Get the single here:

Singer Liam states about the song: "The Devil’s Trade is written about a piece of local folklore from my hometown of Brisbane. Back in the day, the printing industry was known as “The Devil’s Trade”, and there’s an old printing factory in Brisbane with two statues of the devil perched on top. There were rumours amongst the workers that if they didn’t remove their wedding rings upon entering the factory, bad things would happen to them. One worker foolishly ignored the warnings and apparently ended up getting crushed to death. Nobody really knows for certain whether these incidents actually occurred or not, but it’s an interesting old urban legend."

The video was premiered yesterday by Heavy Blog is Heavy &

Idle Ruin started when the coronavirus pandemic hit the Australian live scene. Band founder and singer Liam Anthony explains how Idle Ruin came to be: "All our gigs were cancelled, tours were halted and nobody could play anywhere. At around the same time, some of the bands I was playing in had either broken up or fizzled out." Liam decided to use the lockdown time constructively and began his own project, which is also what inspired the name “Idle Ruin”.


Liam Anthony - Drums & Lead Vocals

Kaleb Doherty - Guitar & Vocals

Josh Dawson - Bass & Vocals

Idle Ruin was formed by Liam Anthony, who for several years has played drums for numerous Australian thrash and death metal bands (Malakyte, Bone Marrow, Spektre, Decapitated Mum). While Australia’s live metal scene was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Liam made use of the lockdown time to write a handful of songs for a new project of his own. For recording the songs, Liam enlisted the help of bassist Josh Dawson (Decapitated Mum, Powerful Owl), and guitarist Kaleb Doherty (When Death Replaces Life). The resultant self-titled EP will be released in December 2020. Idle Ruin’s goal is simple; to deliver aggressive and hard-hitting death metal that bangs heads and raises beer glasses. Simple as that.

Idle Ruin - The Devil's Trade


  1. Whipped to Death

  2. Spiritual Contagion

  3. The Devil's Trade

  4. Gods of Glass

Get the single The Devil's Trade and pre-oder the EP here:

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