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Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release Self-titled EP Today

Idle Ruin: Australian Death/Thrash Metal Newcomers Release Self-titled EP Today

"Today, Australian death/thrash metal newcomers Idle Ruin release their self-titled debut. Get the EP here:

Singer Liam states about the EP:"This is just a four-song, bite-sized collection of Idle Ruin's music. With Idle Ruin being an all new project I didn't want to dive into a full-length album straight away. People have responded really well to our pre-release single "The Devil's Trade", which has been given a lot of airplay and some flattering reviews. So I hope these remaining three songs don't disappoint."

Idle Ruin play aggressive and hard-hitting music that could be best described as death metal crossed with blackened thrash.That explains their choice of recording studio: "We recorded the Idle Ruin EP at Black Blood Audio with Descent guitarist Brendan "Pip" Auld. They're a relatively new studio in Brisbane who specialise in a lot of death metal and hardcore punk, which seemed fitting for us. Brendan was very active in helping get a great sound out of us. I can't recommend him enough"

Excerpts from media feedback:

" There’s no real point searching further for improvement points, because this thing rips."85/100 Skull Fracturing Metal

" this band is ready to be Australian next finest!"Patchman Marco - Headbangers Zine, Gigs & Records

" The future of Idle Ruin is written in blood and carved in stone. They are set to breakout and plague the Globe" [8/10] DJ Vapour - Metal Noise

" Idle Ruin make war, not love and across its brief run-time, the neck muscles will be sent into overdrive. "

Carl 'The Disc' Fisher - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life


Liam Anthony - Drums & Lead Vocals

Kaleb Doherty - Guitar & Vocals

Josh Dawson - Bass & Vocals

Idle Ruin was formed by Liam Anthony, who for several years has played drums for numerous Australian thrash and death metal bands (Malakyte, Bone Marrow, Spektre, Decapitated Mum). While Australia’s live metal scene was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Liam made use of the lockdown time to write a handful of songs for a new project of his own. For recording the songs, Liam enlisted the help of bassist Josh Dawson (Decapitated Mum, Powerful Owl), and guitarist Kaleb Doherty (When Death Replaces Life). The resultant self-titled EP will be released in December 2020. Idle Ruin’s goal is simple; to deliver aggressive and hard-hitting death metal that bangs heads and raises beer glasses. Simple as that.

Idle Ruin - The Devil's Trade


  1. Whipped to Death

  2. Spiritual Contagion

  3. The Devil's Trade

  4. Gods of Glass

Get the single the EP here:

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