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Imperative PR present a trio of transcendental albums from In The Absence Of Words, Sleepwalker


First we would like to present you with the lyrical yet wordless of In The Absence Of Words...

In The Absence Of Words was brought into existence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, with the purpose of expressing moods and experiences that lie beyond the remit of speech. Released on Spotify on September 1st, for those who are unfamiliar with the work of In The Absence Of Words, A Collection II will be a revelation. Each piece of music carries within it an elixir of experience that echoes the secret memories of our own lives. These are sounds that speak to the heart in a language without words that we have all known since our birth, an essential part of our souls.

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Now we turn our attention to the cold, hypnotic sonic emissions of Sleepwalker...

The latest release from Russian dark ambient/post black metal entity Sleepwalker is a staircase that leads to the stars, a doorway into a vibrant darkness teeming with possibilities and new beginnings. Monument From The Void is available from Ksenza Records on beautiful CD digi-pack and digital download. Together the four expansive tracks which form this album are more than just music; they exist at the indefinable point where sound, vision, dreams and the beating of the human heart connect and combine. Singing bowls and Tibetan gongs create otherworldly harmonies with hand crafted instruments, guitars and synths, leaving a trail of stardust leading into darkness. Follow in the footsteps of Sleepwalker, through the night and into the void.

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Finally we invite you to enter The Anchorhold with Phil Stiles, front man of Final Coil...

Born from and within the challenges, frustrations and isolation of lockdown, The Anchorhold is the new album from Phil Stiles and the direct follow up to The Anchorite EP (2020). It is a release, an outpouring, a window onto the world that reflects on the past and dreams of the future. It is loneliness and connection, uniquely personal and universally relatable, the sound of these strange and difficult times. Enfolded in the evocative artwork and photography of Jola Stiles The Anchorhold is a wonderfully complete entity, but also one that is rife with future possibilities. It is a stunning exploration of our inner and outer worlds during a time of fear, loss and confusion and also a doorway to a place of sanctuary. To be released on September 17th on cassette and CD by Trepanation, this is an album to be cherished and treasured, a companion on this ongoing journey.

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