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Industrial/ Electronic Rock Band GHOSTATIC Release Music Video for Single "Still Haunt My Dreams"

"Still Haunt My Dreams" can be streamed/downloaded at:

WATCH the official music video for "Still Haunt My Dreams" here:

FFO: NIN, Lincoln Park, Starset, The Anix, Nero

Cleveland, Ohio industrial/electronic rock band GHOSTATIC has released a brand new single "Still Haunt My Dreams" to all major platforms via Imagen Records. The band released the official music video for it today!

"After releasing my debut EP on Imagine Records, which was more electronic and bass heavy, I decided to stick to my roots and lean more on the heavy rock/metal style that grabbed my ears when I was an angsty teen. 'Still Haunt My Dreams' is a hit-you-in-the-face roller coaster, conveying the fear, damage, and emotional drain of never being able to escape your past," says Adamo Fiscella, the band's vocalist/guitarist.

From hobby to obsession, raw to mega production, here and the afterlife, Ghostatic is an ominous, all-encompassing presentation of sounds and experiences written, performed, and produced by Adamo Fiscella.

The band released the official music video for "The New Revelation" late last year. The video can be seen here:

Live band members: Adamo Fiscella - Vocals, Guitar Gavin Kerr - Bass, Vocals Bailee Neville - Drums Todd Schwartz - Guitar

For More Information Please Visit: TikTok Instagram Facebook YouTube


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