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IRONSTONE: Release Single & Official Video for Mr.Struggle

IRONSTONE: Release Single & Official Video for Mr.Struggle

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IRONSTONE release ‘Mr. Struggle’ today, the first new single since releasing their debut EP ‘Prophecy’ last year. The video had its world premiere yesterday at

Navigating through difficult emotions, ‘Mr. Struggle’ is the story of a man who cannot cope with a manipulative relationship. Unequipped to deal with the psychological abuse, he pleads for relief before eventually coming unravelled.

The lyrics touch upon the idea that when it comes to emotional games, it’s not always a level playing field. This paints the picture of someone who struggles with more intense emotions and especially needs a degree of allowance and understanding.

Mr. Struggle is definitely a step in a more progressive direction for the band. With ambient sections and melodic vocals through to breakdowns, heavy percussive guitars, technical drumming and extreme vocals, the band uses everything at their disposal to evoke drama and tell a compelling story of pain and vulnerability.

The release is accompanied by a music video, shot over a long period in between covid lockdowns. It shows Mr. Struggle desperately trying to hide the situation in front of friends, versus the reality of what’s going on behind closed doors. In the end he breaks, and the story takes a very dark turn. "It’s definitely our most ambitious video project yet, and the first time we’ve ventured away from just performance footage. We really wanted to tell a story with this video" says the band.

Mr. Struggle was mixed by Chris Themelco and mastered by Acle Kahney (TesseracT)


Dan Charlton - Lead Vocals

Edward Warren - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Aidan Kalms - Rhythm Guitar

Oliver Hosking - Bass Guitar

Jackson Whyte - Drums, Vocals

IRONSTONE is a progressive metal band from Bendigo, Australia. Influenced by a range of modern metal genres, their music features a blend of clean and distorted vocals, djent-driven riffs and breakdowns, atmospheric layers, and technical rhythm. The result is a contemporary metal sound that is sophisticated, melodic, and hard-hitting.

IRONSTONE - Mr. Struggle Official Video

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