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Israeli post-apocalyptic alternative metal band Illegal Mind release EP “Forbidden Content”

Post-Apocalyptic Alternative Metal band from Tel Aviv, Israel, ILLEGAL MIND, has released the EP “Forbidden Content”, with 2 lyric videos on “Free” and “Bleeding Sky” and has been rehearsing and writing new material. The band is currently recording their new album, and intends to start releasing more singles in 2022. The album is gaining a heavier sound and lower tuned guitars.

In this album that contains 7 tracks, they present a mixture of rock, alternative metal, as well as punk and grunge influences. The album was recorded at AG Studios Tel Aviv only by Max Datskovsky, the vocalist, and former drummer Arthur Blinov, with the help of monster music producer Alex Zvulun (Desert, Chugun, Fatum Aeternum, The Fading).

The band started rehearsing in one of the Tel Aviv studios in February 2018. After several jams with several musicians, a 4-person band was born, which started working on an EP, and these days it has been conquering the minds of the band's first fans.

The idea for the name was born accidentally after reading some of the texts by vocalist Max Datskovsky by other band members. The texts talk about a dystopian future and a mythological end of the world as we know it. Inspired by books, computer games and movies from the last century. The band has a singing call about where humanity is headed and how to avoid it.

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