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JARET RAY REDDICK Releases New Video For "Drunk As It Takes" Featuring FRANK TURNER

Earlier this year, revered Texas musician JARET RAY REDDICK surprised fans and wowed critics with his debut country album, "Just Woke Up." A few short months later, he's back to release a new video for the emotionally wrenching single "Drunk As It Takes," which features guest FRANK TURNER and stars actor THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS ("American Pie," "Rookie Of The Year"). Commenting on the song and video REDDICK states: "I wrote 'Drunk as it Takes' 13 years ago with the hopes someone else would make it a huge hit! Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, the song sat there in a pile of songs destined only to be heard by me every few years, and no one else…ever! Then the pandemic afforded me the time to finally make the country album I have been wanting to make for many years. And there was this song. And it fit the vibe! I can’t express how blessed I feel to have Frank Turner guest on this recording. He is easily my favorite artist of the last 15 or so years. And then Thomas Ian Nicholas agreed to be in the video. Suddenly, there is a visual representation of the pain portrayed in the song. I have awesome friends!" FRANK TURNER says of their collaboration: "Getting to work with Jaret in any fashion is a privilege. Over our lockdown chats we established that, like most songwriters, we are at heart country music fans. So singing on a proper country song was a joy and a privilege." Actor THOMAS IAN NICHOLAS adds: "The whole Jaret Ray Reddick album is so good. I jumped at the chance to be a part of the music video. I think we really encapsulated the melancholy vibes of the song."

"Drunk As It Takes" Music Video:

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