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Jeff Rouse’s THE GEMINI AFFAIR Release Cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Digging In The Dirt”

"Digging in the Dirt" buy/stream link

Jeff Rouse’s Dark, Post-Punk Project THE GEMINI AFFAIR release their second single July 20th, a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Digging In The Dirt” from The Gemini Affair’s upcoming EP release To….

“I've always liked the way that Peter Gabriel looked into the dark side of himself in the song and the juxtaposition of how the lyrics and song felt against each other. I had it on a playlist and was listening to it on the way to the studio. So when we found ourselves with a little extra time, we gave it a try and it turned out fantastic. It just felt right in the context of the other songs we had recorded for the EP,” said Jeff Rouse.

With strong praise from Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready, Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan, Buckcherry’s Josh Todd and radio stations like KJR 950 AM and KISW 99.9 FM, The Gemini Affair have a new six-song EP To… cut, mixed and mastered for fans, and set for release from G4L Records. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready debuted the EP’s first single, “You’re Perfect,” on his boutique vinyl record label Hockeytalkter, and on the Sirius XM Radio Pearl Jam Channel. All songs and upcoming EP To… are being released digitally by G4L Records.



"The members of Seattle's The Gemini Affair are not only incredible musicians, but they are dear friends of mine. I've been fortunate to share the stage with Jeff Rouse & Keith Ash countless times, and I'm stoked to release a single with them! The songs "You're Perfect" and "A Whisper To A Moan" exhibit a modern take on their classic rock influences! Enjoy the songs and look for them live sometime down the road!"



“Jeff worked very hard to find his sound on this brilliant record. The confluence of his post-punk heroes 'The Cure" and ' Killing Joke', mixed with the straight-up rock n roll motherfucker that he is, makes for the really godamn epic 'Gemini.”

~ DUFF McKAGAN, Guns N Roses/ Loaded


“I love the melodies and the EP’s interesting take on the concept kept me totally engaged!”

~ JOSH TODD, Buckcherry

The Gemini Affair are a Seattle based band founded by Jeff Rouse. Members include:

Jeff Rouse: Vocals, Guitar (Member of Duff McKagan’s Loaded (Bass, Backup Vocals), Alien Crime Syndicate, Fozzy, Vendetta Red). He has also shared the stage with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Corey Taylor (Slipknot/ Stone Sour), Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, QOTSA, Mad Season), Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) and many more at major festivals and shows worldwide. Keith Ash: Bass (Star Anna, Guessing Game) Donn Gunn: Drums (Death Cab for Cutie, Peter Frampton, Soundgarden, King Crimson) Ryan Waters: Guitar (Sade, Heart, Liv Warfield) Davey French: Guitar (Everclear)

The Gemini Affair Online:

G4L Records Online:

HockeyTalkter Records Online:

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