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Jessica Luise - debut EP 'Going In Blind' out this Friday 9th July

Manchester based singer Jessica Luise has announced the details for her debut EP ‘Going In Blind’, out on Friday 9th July. The lead single ‘a.m’ is set for Friday 18th June, following up her January release ‘Nice Try’.

Jess’ strengths lie in her storytelling; everything she writes could soundtrack that pivotal moment for the main character in a film, and there’s always something comfortably relatable amongst her words. ‘Going In Blind’ is the latest example of that; a collection of songs exploring her innermost emotions and rawest experiences, whether that be bittersweet heartache or sheer adoration and admiration.

‘a.m.’ is the EP’s lead single, written as a sanguine ode to flings, and the emotional battle between falling in love with someone in one night and then never hearing from them in the morning. It’s a melancholic song - in a similar vein to her previous single ‘Nice Try’ - upbeat sounding on the face of it, but with a vulnerability and helplessness buried within the lyrics. ‘a.m.’ lets you into Jessica’s world and lets you know what to expect from the rest of her EP.

The second track ‘Stargaze’ was the only natural choice to follow such an opener. Being one of the earliest songs Jessica ever wrote, it has taken a long time to develop and perfect into what it is today. Asking for forgiveness from someone by suggesting that they go stargazing together is playfully romantic lyrically, and sees one of Jessica’s strongest vocal performances yet.

‘Three Steps Forward’ was written by Jess as a thankyou to her parents. The wise words they provided throughout her life are particularly special to Jess, and the lyrics for ‘Three Steps Forward’ are an amalgamation of these little pieces of guidance. It hasn’t always been taken on board though. “Turn back time”, Jess sings, realising that though she may not have experienced the hurt she has felt had she listened to them, she may also not be the person she is today.

‘Bedroom’ winds the EP down like a lullaby. Written early last year, the tenderness of the song evokes that disorienting feeling we’ve all had of leaving the cinema when you don’t know what time it is and the world feels in limbo. ‘Bedroom’ was recorded live at Matchbox Productions, and although any perfectionist may have removed the small laugh from the recording, it was kept in the final take as it helped to create exactly what Jessica wanted from the song; a nod to herself as an artist when she began - just her voice and a guitar.

Jessica says of the EP: “To think that I would be the proud creator of a piece of work like this after being in this industry for such a short time baffles me. ‘Going In Blind’ comes from how I was blind to the red flags in relationships I’ve encountered over the years, and a bit of a comment on how when I first started in music I knew nothing. I am still learning, but maybe I’m not as much of a newborn in this industry as I was a year ago.”

The lead single ‘a.m’’s sound has the breezy warmth that listeners of Jessica Luise are fast becoming familiar to, and the EP in its entirety provides a memorable listening experience for fans of The Sundays, beabadoobee, Wolf Alice and Fleetwood Mac. Her previous releases have seen support from DIY, Fresh On The Net, XS Manchester, This Feeling, BBC Introducing Merseyside as well as nationwide airplay on Co-op Radio.

Catch Jess at the following gigs:

23/7 - Jimmy’s, Liverpool (supporting More In Luv) 6/8 - EBGBs, Liverpool (supporting Abi Rose Kelly) 8/8 - RivFest, Warrington 14/8 - No Man’s Land all-dayer @ Yes, Manchester Find Jessica Luise on the following platforms: Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify Apple Music YouTube

A blissful bop” - DIY

“A great slice of luscious dream pop!” - Fresh On The Net

“Exceptional songwriting” - Clout

“A song of the year contender” - Indie Midlands

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