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Jimbo’s Garage releases new single that is a journey to gigantic night club

Jimbo’s Garage releases new single that is a journey to gigantic night club with a stadium heavy rock soundtrack

Picture: ​Kimmo Heikkilä

Jimbo's Garage from Finland is a band that combines the hookiest elements of modern heavy rock and traditional hard rock. They are releasing debut album later this spring and now they present the second single from their upcoming album.

Band leader Jimbo Mäkeläinen comments on the new track: "I knew that I got here something that I really like. Strong guitar riffs and even stronger vocal melodies. I decided to highlight the band's excellent singing talent. Taage and Maya created really strong vocal tracks on this one.

On drums and keyboards I wanted to create a feeling about a Central European disco hall. You know the gigantic arenas that have like crowd capacity of thousands. In fact I actually didn't need to do much about it as the track already naturally had that vibe. But you always need a vision. When I had the mix in my hands I was like - this is it! Damn good song"

Listen to "Now We Are Strangers":

The band's main architect is the drummer Jimbo Mäkeläinen, former sticksman of Ironcross and Lordi. Vocalists on the single are Taage Laiho (Kilpi, Altaria, Mad Hatter's Den) and Maya Liittokivi (Deathlike Silence). Guitars are played by Kari Riihimäki and bass by Jari Riitala.

01. Now We Are Strangers

ISRC: FI-3FC-22-40302

Composer: Jimbo Mäkeläinen

Lyrics: Jimbo Mäkeläinen & Taage Laiho

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