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Julien-K Burgettstown,PA

Julien-K is a indietronic rock band based out of Los Angles, California.

They are currently made up of Ryan Shuck on vocals, Amir Derakh on lead guitar, Fu Valcic on bass, Bidi Cobra on Keyboards, and Alex Gonzales on drums.

Ryan and Amir (formally of Orgy) created this project, named after a Richard Gere character. They have been music partners for over fifteen years, weaving in and out of mainstream music. After some line-up changes and a bunch of albums, they've been grinding it out as Julien-K since 2003.

They have been on the Rev3 tour, also featuring Stone Temple Pilots, The Cult, and Bush this summer, which is definitely a change of pace from their tour last summer with PIG and Ghostfeeder.

A lot of people at the venue weren't sure there was an opener for this strong bill but when they took the stage the crowd was impressed. Opening a show like this with such a unique electronic rock sound as Julien-K should be a task, but for these guys it definitetly was not. They had the crowd off their feet and rocking out the whole set. For not having a soud simliar to anyone else on the bill, they clearly gained some new fans.

This band is a treat to see live,. If you're into electronic rock jams, Julien-K is the band for you.

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